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The Adicross Bounce stands in the middle of a golf shoe and a sneaker. Its street-ready looks make this shoe be identified for casual wear, but the technologies beg to differ. Each part of the shoe is designed with efficiency in mind, from its lacing system, strategically placed lugs, and to its Bounce cushioning system.

Who should buy the Adidas Adicross Bounce

The Adicross Bounce stands in the middle of a golf shoe and a sneaker. It is a solid option if you:

  • Need a shoe that has street-ready looks and make this shoe be identified for casual wear.
  • Need a shoe that is designed with efficiency from its lacing system, strategically placed lugs, and to its Bounce cushioning system.

Adidas Adicross Bounce Logo

High-wear durability sole

More popularly used in tennis shoes, the high-wear durability of the Adiwear outsole also comes in useful for the Adicross Bounce.

Adidas Adicross Bounce Outsole

Because of the less aggressive outsole and the absence of spikes, spikeless trainers gained the rep of having less reliable traction. The Adicross Bounce defies gravity with its 181 tactically-placed lugs, which enables maximum grip on dry surfaces without damaging the greens. Driving through the 18 holes and then going to the mall next is possible with this shoe.

Responsive bounce cushioning system

Whether planting the foot for a swing or traversing through the hazards, the responsive Bounce midsole comes as an advantage. This technology acts like a string that stretches when pressure is applied and goes back to its natural shape when removed. In effect, a more stable stance when doing a swing is achieved without compromising comfort.

Adidas Adicross Bounce Midsole

Excellent lateral support

The relatively new technology, the forging technique brings additional stability to golf shoes.  Heat is applied on strategic areas, precisely where lateral support is needed to thicken the material and make it more durable without weighing the shoe down. 

Adidas Adicross Bounce Upper

Secure fit

What is different about this performance shoe is that it doesn’t have a tongue. Alternatively, the textile upper wraps and hugs the foot giving a secure fit. 

Adidas Adicross Bounce Secure fit

A unique feature on all Adicross Bounce versions is the multiple eyelet rows with a cross-grid design which allows an adjustable fit to accommodate different types of feet.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 365g
Update: Adidas Adicross Bounce 2.0
Outsole: Spikeless
Closure: Laces
Collection: Adidas Adicross, Adidas Bounce
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: Adidas

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Cesar Monasterio
Cesar Monasterio

Cesar Monasterio is considered one of the best Argentine golfers of his generation. He is one of only 13 players to have victories on all three European golf circuits: European Tour, Challenge Tour, and Legends Tour. In 2014 he won the English Senior Open and was voted Rookie of the Year on the Legends Tour. Mr Monasterio represented his country in the 1995 World Cup. Still active and competing with a strong focus, he is the president of the Argentine Professional Golf Tour and the coach of several prestigious golfers. Finally, he is a specialist golf "Blacksmith" repairing golf clubs precisely at the workshop set in his house for this fine purpose.