Our verdict


Innovation meets street fashion in the 4D Krazed from Adidas. You're destined to turn heads in this sneaker, thanks largely to its futuristic heel design. And while you're out and about snatching the attention of every onlooker you come across, you'll be on cloud nine with every step. Yes, it's THAT plush, but we call it Krazy comfortable!


  • Quite the looker
  • Remarkably bouncy
  • Amazing comfort
  • More dapper IRL
  • Helps alleviate foot pain
  • 5-star craftsmanship
  • Surprisingly light


  • Restrictive toe box
  • Prone to heel slippage

Who should buy the Adidas 4D Krazed

The Adidas 4D Krazed might just be the talk of the town you've been looking for. Purchase it if:

  • Sporty sneakers with extra heel cushioning and impact mitigation are what you're after.
  • You prefer chunky kicks that don't weigh you down.
  • Shoes that look weird and cool at the same time are what you want.

Who should not buy it

If roominess is a huge deal for you, skip the 4D Krazed for the Adidas Ozelia. Also, check out the Adidas Ozweego if you want a more heel-hugging pair.

The 4D Krazed's craze-worthy appeal

Quite a number of reviewers are floored by the aesthetic charm of the Adidas 4D Krazed. A professional vlogger among them says that it has a "crazy, innovative design." He is particularly drawn to the shoe's plush heel zone, referring to its look as "just wild."

Non-professional reviewers also have great things to say about the 4D Krazed design-wise. Take a look at the following:

  • "A funky pair of shoes."
  • "Fierce."
  • "A real head turner."

Extraordinary springiness

Bouncy rides are yours in the 4D Krazed. A critic says that, in this kick, "the heel squish is definitely significant." A non-professional tester, on the other hand, hails this cushy heel as "a major improvement over earlier versions of 4D."

Unamusing heel hold

It's been reported that the Adidas 4D Krazed struggles to keep the heel in place. A sneaker fan says that "constant heel slippage" is a thing in this shoe.

Mind-boggling comfort in the Adidas 4D Krazed

Many sneakerheads find the confines of the 4D Krazed invitingly soft and cozy. Comments such as "feels amazing" and "super comfortable" support their observation.

There's also a shoe collector who swears by the corrective nature of the featured kick. For years he's been suffering from shin pain, but with this shoe on, he says that he feels "no pain at all."

Positively shocking in person

Despite its chunkiness and wedged construction, the 4D Krazed, according to several reviewers, isn't weighty at all. There are also those who praise its up-close appeal, with one saying that the shoe is "more attractive in person."

Be prepared for a tight-ish toe squeeze

Based on reviews, the 4D Krazed isn't for sneaker aficionados who have extra stout toes. Remarks such as "somewhat narrow on the toe box" and "a little too tight" give this statement credence.

The to-a-T workmanship of the 4D Krazed

Apart from its space-age design, the featured Adidas kick's virtually flawless craftsmanship is something you'll want to brag about with your friends. A reviewer says that the 4D Krazed has a "very on-point quality."