Our verdict


The Adidas 4D Fusio is all about coziness and style. It displays an intense flair bursting with futuristic aesthetics that will step up your usual casual getup. It also provides airy strides as it wraps the upper and underfoot with well-ventilated features. Albeit its expensive price range, it is worthy of every penny as it is packed with impressive elements.


  • Slipper-like comfort
  • Cozy for plantar fasciitis
  • For short runs
  • Extremely airy on hot days
  • Striking design
  • Lively underfoot
  • Versatile use
  • Allows natural foot bend
  • Easy on/off


  • Too roomy for narrow feet
  • Pricier than most sneakers
  • Heavy

Who should buy the Adidas 4D Fusio

Get the 4D Fusio from Adidas if: 

  • you're looking for a plush sensation
  • you're looking for a breathable pair
  • you want a flexible shoe
  • you want a fashion-forward kick that's easy to put on

Adidas 4D Fusio adidas shoe

Who should NOT buy it 

Don't go for the Adidas 4D Fusio if you want to buy a budget-friendly shoe. Go for the Adidas Grand Court or the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 3.0

And if you want a snug and light shoe for narrow feet, there's no better option than the Nike Air Max 270.

Adidas 4D Fusio price

Comfort that lasts

The 4D Fusio from Adidas offers amazing "bedroom slipper-like" comfort. Those with plantar fasciitis vouch for its all-day coziness.

Adidas 4D Fusio 4d tech

Beat the heat with Adidas 4D Fusio

Thanks to its breathable knit upper and latticed midsole, the air effortlessly passes through it, giving an extremely breezy feel on the feet.

Adidas 4D Fusio breathability

An eye-candy

Its "dope," "neck-breaking," and "modernistic"  style looks even better in the actual, according to numerous online buyers. 

Adidas 4D Fusio design

Fun is the name of the game

Although the 4D midsole is firmer than the Boost, this kick provides superb amount of springy cushioning.

Adidas 4D Fusio cushy

Ready for any activity

The 4D Fusio is an adaptable pair that you can use for various events, from city strolling to short-distance running.

Adidas 4D Fusio traction

Allows you to move

This is the most flexible among the 4D sneakers, multiple fans have cited. 

Adidas 4D Fusio flexible

Quick and easy on and off

Quick donning is possible, thanks to its stretchy single-piece Primeknit upper.

Adidas 4D Fusio easy fit

The Adidas Fusio 4D is NOT for narrow feet

The Adidas 4D Fusio suits sneaker fans with wide feet better. Those with narrow and regular-width fit find it "too roomy;" they had to size down. 

Adidas 4D Fusio upper

Digs deep into the pockets

On average, sneaker kicks retail for $110. the 4D Fusio meanwhile, sells for $200, putting it at an expensive price range.

Adidas 4D Fusio heel collar

Tips the scale

Because of the 4D midsole, this sneaker is deemed weighty.

Adidas 4D Fusio forefoot

Digs into the skin

Several reviewers cite that its back is rough and rubs on the Achilles. To avoid this, it is suggested to wear socks.

Adidas 4D Fusio heel rub