Who should buy the Adidas 4D

If it's a pick or pass among running shoes, the 4D from Adidas is a definite pick for those who are looking for a: 

  • summer-ready running shoe that offers a fun, lively ride
  • road shoe that's stable and comfortable enough for walking and gym training

Adidas 4D adidas logo

Who should NOT buy it

There's no denying it. The 4D from Adidas is a helluva pricey shoe. If you want a cheaper alternative that's just as great when it comes to fashion and function, the  Adidas Alphabounce+ is a must-have. 

Adidas 4D forefoot

If you want to move past the shoe's heel rubbing issues, and if you have wide feet, you will love the Adidas Ultraboost 21 more than the Adidas 4D. 

The Adidas 4D takes care of your foot

Although the opinions on the shoe's comfort have been opposing with some saying it's "way too firm" and "not comfortable for long-time wear," the comments leaning toward the positive side outweigh the negative ones.  

Adidas 4D comfort

Remarks from satisfied runners range from "super comfortable" to "comfort is phenomenal." Another adds that "you'll forget you're wearing a pair of sneakers" because wearing the Adidas 4D is exactly like a walk on clouds. 

Judging from the comments, it's true that the 4D shoe feels dense at first. But as testers report, it softens up pretty quickly once you put some miles in it. 

Feel the ground without pain 

You can cruise with control in the Adidas 4D. That's because it has a sufficient ground feel, allowing you to navigate the pavement more confidently. What's more is it's not the type of low-to-the-ground shoe that sacrifices protection. It still has adequate cushioning to mute out the impact. 

Adidas 4D cushion

It's not bland

"Just walking or running feels like [you're] bouncing on clouds," attests a long-time runner who swears by the 4D's responsive ride. Another runner chimes in saying it's very bouncy and it has great feedback; the shoe's midsole's amazing! 

The Adidas 4D provides support for the miles ahead

Those who have shared their thoughts on the shoe's stability all agree that it's very supportive. Its midsole is a touch firm, which adds to the shoe's overall stability, keeping the ride surefooted and free from missteps. Here are some of their statements: 

  • "[It] supports the foot when you're on your heels and toes." 
  • "It has good stability." 

Adidas 4D ride

Snug...and a little too much for wide feet

When it comes to fit, the Adidas 4D is a great shoe, says one reviewer, "so long as you've got narrow feet," he continues. For context, it's "a little narrower than the Ultraboost," adds an Adidas fan. 

Those with broad feet, meanwhile, all agree that the shoe's fit is simply not built for them. As one tester puts it, the shoe's wrap is too tight; "when I take off the shoe, I immediately feel relief," says he. 

Adidas 4D not for wide feet

Another one claims that the road shoe is "tight around the midfoot, especially for people with wide-ish feet (like me)." Another big-footed commenter warns: "This shoe will feel tight from the sides." 

Digs into the heel

And this is because it practically has zero padding in the heel cup. A runner who has been very disappointed with this states that his shoes "looked more comfortable than they are." 

Adidas 4D heel

A road runner who has been an Adidas fan reports that he "wore them less in than an hour" because they caused blisters on his heel. To back this statement, another critic has this to say: "The back of the shoes is the most uncomfortable fit you could wear." 

Keeping the sweat away

"Perfect summer shoe" is a review that encapsulates the majority's thoughts on the shoe's breathability. The mesh upper is not too thick, and has lots of perforations for an airy in-shoe feel even under the heat of the sun. 

Adidas 4D breathability

Lighter than it seems

It looks like it's a bit of a heavy shoe, mentions one running expert. However, when they started to run in it, it was the exact opposite. So much so, they left this feedback: "It feels like [you're] running barefoot." And that's because it's surprisingly light. 

Adidas 4D outsole

"BUT no other shoe has weight-to-cushion ratio like this," exclaims another commenter who couldn't believe that a shoe with ample cushion can keep its weight down this much. 

Worth the money

At $200, many are in agreement that the Adidas 4D is expensive. However, they think it's worth the price. "They seem extremely well made," "The shoes [are] worth buying," and "They are everything and more of what I wanted" are among the comments some of the daily runners have given the shoe. 

Adidas 4D weight

It's comfortable, responsive, and light; it's a worthy investment. 

Can this shoe be any more annoying? 

The shoe's 4D webbing (as seen below) is squeaky, complained more than 80% of the runners. Although some say that it eventually goes away; many still find it annoying. One even goes as far as saying that the sound it makes, in their own words, is "horrible." 

Adidas 4D 4Dwebbing

The shoe of the future

Futuristic is the best way to describe the Adidas 4D, and almost everyone loves it! A running newbie states, "It is as or better than as shown in the image, 100% recommended." "Love the unique design of these bad boys" exclaims another commenter. 

Adidas 4D design

Apart from design, "the color is bomb!!" too, happily expresses another Adidas loyalist. Their overall thoughts? It's a must-buy. 

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Arch support: Neutral
Collection: Adidas 4D
Pronation: Neutral Pronation / Supination / Underpronation
Arch type: High arch
Use: All-day wear, Walking / Jogging / Treadmill
Material: Mesh upper

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