We spent 8.5 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

8 reasons to buy

  • A number of wearers have expressed their approval of the sneaker because of its comfort.
  • The UGG Kinney has been a delight for some who have foot-related issues because it provides excellent support.
  • Multiple shoppers have praised the low-top because it could be worn for hours without suffering discomfort or weariness.
  • The design of this fashion sneaker has received positive remarks from a couple of commenters.
  • A few users have shared that they have purchased a second pair due to their overall satisfaction with the Kinney.
  • One customer likes that she does not need to tie the shoe.
  • The slight wedge design has been appreciated by a buyer.
  • It is durable, according to one of the reviews.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Its price is considered expensive by a couple of shoppers.
  • The color of the shoe looks different in person, one buyer has noticed. 

Bottom line

UGG boasts a variety of lifestyle shoes that gained widespread approval from wearers, and the UGG Kinney is no different. Many have highlighted its comfort, lightweight feel, support, and durability. One of its most praised qualities is its enduring comfort during long walks or even standing for hours. Its stylish, trendy design is also appreciated, as it enhances its overall wearability.

Despite these remarkable features, some find that its price tag is not as agreeable. Still, if looking for a reliable go-to casual sneaker, the UGG Kinney is an excellent choice. 



Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: UGG casual shoes
Material: Knit, Others
Price: $120
Colorways: Beige, Black, Blue, Pink
Small True to size Large
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The low-top UGG Kinney is available in women's sizing. It has a toggle lacing closure that gives a hassle-free and adjustable fit. A pull tab is situated on the tongue, which offers easy foot entry.

A snug and breathable fit are provided by the upper that is made from soft knit and neoprene. Thanks to this combination of materials, the Kinney is an excellent option during warm weather.  

Offered in a variety of hue options, the UGG Kinney has a relatively modest aesthetic. Its neoprene and engineered knit upper features asymmetrical zig-zag patterns, with the exception of the heel area. The most noticeable aspect of the UGG Kinney is its chunky outsole, which is a common aspect of modern women's sneakers.

Due to its essentially two-toned colorways and low-cut profile, assimilating the sneaker into one's fashion ensemble is as natural as it gets. Whether on tracksuits, denim jeans, or skirts, the UGG Kinney will not disappoint. 

Among UGG's signature materials is the Treadlite, which is utilized as the outsole for the Kinney. The Treadlite outsole consists of a special rubber compound that is built to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Cushioning, flexibility, and traction are also offered by this material.

A decent amount of EVA foam has been placed on the midsole that helps in giving arch support. An exceptional underfoot feel is possible due to the performance foam insole that has faux leather linings.

UGG was founded by Australian surfers Brian Smith and Doug Jensen in Southern California in the late '70s. Smith had a strong inclination to use sheepskin on their cleats, largely due to his Australian heritage. This kind of footwear was a hit among surfers because it keeps the foot warm. UGG had a slow start as it sold less than 30 pairs of the cleats during its first season.

International recognition for UGG came in 1994 when the U.S. team used the brand's cleats during the Olympics. From this point, the company experienced steady growth into relevancy. Today, UGG is still known for its collection of cleats and lifestyle sneakers. One of the recent addition to the casual shoes catalog is the UGG Kinney.

  • The UGG Kinney has a regular price of $120.
  • Its color options are black, jasmine, navy, and pink dawn.