Who should buy UGG Highland Sneaker

Get this sneaker if you: 

  • want a classy sneaker that puts comfort at #1 when it comes to priorities 
  • care about premium materials and being noticed - this is one heck of a compliment magnet, for sure!
  • need a durable, high-quality sneaker that you can rely on whatever your daily activities include. 

UGG Highland Sneaker ugg-highland-sneaker-main-image

Who should not buy it

Look away if you prefer your feet to look normal or even narrow. In this case, look at some of these alternatives we recommend: 

UGG Highland Sneaker ugg-highland-sneaker-lacing

Prolonged comfort

As many sneakerheads have testified, this is one heck of a comfy sneaker. Many have worn it for hours, even long work shifts (8 hours, 10 hours), and reported that there was no foot fatigue afterward. 

What's even better is that this comfort is there right out of the box. No break-in is needed as dozens have reported in their reviews.

UGG Highland Sneaker ugg-highland-sneaker-upper

Comfy but not squishy

Even with the insole that is soft-ish, these are not squishy. Moreover, many have reported that they like the overall form-fitting feel because it makes them feel safer, as if there was a great amount of ankle support. 

UGG Highland Sneaker ugg-highland-sneaker-outsole

Sneakerheads can't get enough of Ugg Highland Sneaker 

And they return for more. Some have even reported having more than 5 pairs. They reported that these are so comfortable and versatile that they wanted them in all the colorways. 

Looks win all the hears out there

With comments like "very classy," "eye candy," and "they look way better in person," "it's a beauty," it is obvious how gorgeous-looking these sneakers are. 

UGG Highland Sneaker ugg-highland-sneaker-inside

Price is just right

No sneakerhead complained about this: they said the quality definitely justifies the price. As one of them commented, it's a "reasonable price."

Might make your feet wider

Only a handful commented on this. It seems that they are not used to sneakers like these so they were bothered by the looks of their feet. They looked wider as they reported which was enough for them to return the sneakers and not give them a chance. 

UGG Highland Sneaker ugg-highland-sneaker-back

UGG Highland Sneaker fits true to size

No complaints in this department. Go with your regular size and all good!

Facts / Specs

Style: Sporty
Top: Low
Inspired from: Other
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Suede, Rubber Sole, Synthetic
Season: Spring, Summer
Features: Breathable

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