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9 reasons to buy

  • One particularly likes the Camden 3 because it conforms to the feet over time.
  • Several of the users appreciate the comeback of Tretorn and its throwback sneakers.
  • The lace-up closure is arranged in a long line which is highly appreciated by a user who has a narrow foot.
  • Despite being a retro sneaker, these still look modern and current, according to a number of users.
  • Many described these sneakers as comfortable as it conforms to the feet
  • One attests that these sneakers have a versatile.
  • Based on the qualities of the Tretorn Camden 3, these shoes are offered at a reasonable price.
  • Since these are throwback sneakers, some are ecstatic that these come in fun and bright colors this time.
  • One said that that he wears these all the time and does not want to take them off.

3 reasons not to buy

  • One finds the shape of the Camden3 a bit awkward when worn.
  • These are not recommended for those who need arch support.
  • Although the silhouette looks a bit narrow, they are surprisingly wide when worn, and there's a need to lace them tighter, said by one user.

Bottom line

With the comeback of the Tretorn brand comes the return of its retro silhouettes. Although it has not been prevalent now compared to many years back, it only proved that its timeless style can still be on trend now.

Coming in more colorways this time, users can enjoy the same low-top silhouette of the Camden 3 and choose the best color that suits their personality. Despite certain changes, it still has a versatile style and comfort that is a requirement for most everyday sneakers.


Expert Reviews

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The Tretorn Camden 3 is a men's and women's sneaker that is available in 7-14 and 4-12 respectively. Both are available in half sizes and medium width. Many, however, claim that these fit larger than their usual size. Because of this, it is recommended to order a full size down to get the best fit. The traditional lace-up closure allows the users to adjust the tightness of the sneaker and secure the feet for a more stable ride.

Much like most of the brand's releases, the Tretorn Camden 3 offers a retro and minimalist silhouette. This type of low-top sneaker comes in various colorways like Inca gold, navy, luxe pink, light gray, and black. This gives purchasers the leisure to choose from bright and fun colors or go with neutral ones. Whatever the color may be, these sneakers do not also take much to style as it can suit various outfits like dresses, shorts, or jeans.

The suede upper of the Tretorn Camden 3 offers a more elevated look and adds a certain charm for a casual style compared to a canvas upper. Aside from this, the material offers durability and can surely last long even when worn as an everyday sneaker. Matched with a padded footbed, these sneakers are comfortable and can be worn all day without the pain.

Founded in 1891 by Johan Dunker in Helsingborg, Sweden, Tretorn built its foundation from its commitment to high-quality rubber. With Henry Dunker, son of Johan, taking part in the business, the company soared instantly from producing 39,000 pairs in 1892 to 206,000 in just two years. In a short span of time, its footwear quality became recognized as the best in Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. It pushed the brand to expand its product line to tennis balls, bicycle pedals, and hoses. The quality of fast-forward thinking is unusual during this time, which set the brand apart from the others.

Over the years, Tretorn has formulated designs that are not only geared towards tennis but are also stylish to be worn for every day. The Camden 3 is a sneaker that exudes a throwback style but still modern enough to be worn in today's time.

  • The Tretorn Camden 3 comes with an $80 price tag.
  • The overall design of the sneaker is minimal as it sports only the leather gull-wing at the side.
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Danny McLoughlin

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