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10 reasons to buy

  • A lot of owners were happy with the cute color options of the TOMS Sunset Slip-On.
  • One person appreciated that the elastic bands of this sneaker are discreetly hidden under the tongue. 
  • The elastic band of this shoe is better compared to other Vans shoes, according to a reviewer.
  • This shoe felt comfortable right from the first use, based on a few comments.
  • A couple of wearers noticed that the insole of this shoe feels soft.
  • Some buyers were pleased with the affordable price tag of the Sunset Slip On from TOMS.
  • Several sneakerheads mentioned that this shoe can be worn with almost anything.
  • A few reviewers noticed that this shoe has a more substantial sole compared to other Toms sneakers.
  • The upper material follows the shape of the foot after a few wears, according to a commenter.
  • A number of users said that the rope braid makes the shoe look more unique.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several wearers were disappointed with the lack of cushion at the back of the heel causing blisters in the area.
  • Many commented that the TOMS Sunset Slip On sneakers run small and narrow in the toe box area.
  • Another one noticed that the tongue looks awkward.

Bottom line

The TOMS Sunset Slip-On is well received by many reviewers not only because of its comfortable fit but more so for its lovely color selections. Its discreet elastic band was also found to be better than that of other sneaker brands. 

Additionally, users found it lightweight enough to use all day despite its thicker-than-normal outsole. On the other hand, this shoe caused blisters to some, and its narrow fit was a setback for others. Nonetheless, its affordable price tag and overall comfort are enough to give this shoe a try.  


Expert Reviews

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The Sunset Slip On sneakers from TOMS are available in standard sizes for women only. Because of its narrow fit, wide-footed sneakerheads who wish to purchase this shoe are advised to size up in order to get the best possible fit. 

Show off this unique slip-on sneaker from TOMS when you wear it with your favorite cropped pants. This low-top shoe is also great with skinny jeans paired with a fitted top and a long cardigan. 

A notable feature found on the TOMS Sunset Slip-On is the natural rope braid detail. This slip-on shoe comes in either suede or textile upper. It is also engineered with a custom-molded rubber cupsole. 

Founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, TOMS is one of the socially responsible companies based in California. The company name evolved from the original “Shoes for Tomorrow Project.” Mycoskie initially enlisted the help of some Argentinian shoemakers to produce 250 pairs to be sold in the US with the intention of giving away a pair of shoes for every pair sold. Thus, the One For One business model was born.

On their 10th year, Toms has sold over 60 million pairs of shoes. Consequently, following the One For One model, more than 60 millions pairs of shoes were also given away for free to children in developing countries. 

The original TOMS shoe model was made to look like a modified espadrille but with a rubber outsole. As time passed, the company has released several other models which were designed based on various climates and ground conditions. 

A pair of sneakers released by the brand with a distinct look comes in the form of the TOMS Sunset Slip-On. Its deconstructed upper and braided rope trim create an earthy charm to complete the shoe’s fresh, beachy vibe. 

  • The TOMS Sunset Slip-On is fitted with a removable footbed made of cotton twill with antimicrobial treatment for added comfort and odor-free foot environment. 
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