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12 reasons to buy

  • Majority of wearers described the TOMS Paseo as very comfortable for all-day use.
  • A good number of reviewers gave really high remarks to the simple yet stylish design of this shoe.
  • Several people felt that this shoe is lightweight with some saying that it is lighter than previous TOMS casual sneakers.
  • Numerous commenters observed that they kept receiving compliments while wearing this shoe.
  • Some sneakerheads loved the idea that they can donate a pair of shoes when buying the TOMS Paseo.
  • A lot of consumers were not hesitant to buy multiple pairs of this sneaker.
  • The reasonable price tag of this kick made it very appealing to some buyers.
  • A few commenters mentioned that this kick does not need breaking in.
  • The Paseo sneaker from TOMS can easily be worn with any casual outfits, based on some reviews.
  • The sole seemed a little bit more solid compared to other TOMS shoes, said one individual.
  • One person lauded the soft and comfortable feel of this shoe’s lining.
  • Another wrote that the material used on the upper is breathable and flexible.


5 reasons not to buy

  • Numerous owners had problems with the durability of the TOMS Paseo. The shoe started ripping and falling apart after a month of use.
  • Several observed that the sizing of this sneaker is off.
  • This shoe does not have enough support, based on one TOMS Paseo review.
  • A couple of users complained that the canvas material holds a horrible smell after a few wears.
  • One individual found the seam in the sole to be annoying because it is coming off.


Bottom line

The TOMS Paseo is a comfortable sneaker that is easy on the eyes.  It is also lightweight with breathable and flexible upper. However, despite all the positive comments, this shoe has received negative reviews when it comes to durability.

Some mentioned that the shoe is not the most well-built sneakers that they have because it has started falling apart just after a month of use. Also, the support was not the best in the market either. Nonetheless, for those who want a casual-looking shoe with a reasonable price, the TOMS Paseo is worth a try.


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Good to know

TOMS Paseo sneakers are offered in standard sizing for both men and women. Based on the majority of reviews, these kicks run big. Fortunately, they come with laces for those who have narrow feet. They can help the users adjust the fit according to their preferred tightness.

These sneakers have a relaxed low-top appeal and come with an optional lacing feature. It also has an inner goring that can turn it into a slip-on sneaker if you want to go laceless. The TOMS Paseo for men can be worn with pants and chinos. They also look great with knee-length denim shorts for a casual stroll during a warm summer day. Meanwhile, the TOMS Paseo for women can be paired with cropped jeans and shorts.

The TOMS Paseo sneaker features a woven textile upper and inner lining. It also has a lightly cushioned footbed for a comfortable ride when worn throughout the day.

TOMS is a shoe manufacturing company based in Playa Del Rey in California. It was founded in 2006 by a Texan entrepreneur named Blake Mycoskie. He first visited Argentina in 2002 for a season of The Amazing Race and then returned to the country in 2006 for a vacation. While there, he spent a lot of time learning how to do the tango, play the polo, and drink the national wine while wearing alpargatas. Blake also noticed that the Argentinian polo players were also wearing alpargatas or espadrilles. These are slip-on shoes that use canvas for the upper. Espadrilles are the inspiration behind the original Toms shoes.

  Company name origin

Blake has seen the potential of espadrilles in the North American market. Thus, TOMS was born. While thinking of a company name, Blake played around with the “Shoes for a Better Tomorrow” phrase, and the idea hit him almost immediately. He named his new company TOMS, short for tomorrow.

  TOMS early days

Blake then enlisted the help of his Argentinian friend and polo teacher, Alejo, who also became his translator. They worked in Alejo’s family barn while at the same time looking for shoemakers who would be willing to work with them.

Unfortunately, most shoemakers would reject their ideas and sometimes call them crazy. Not long after, they met Jose, a local shoemaker who was crazy enough to jump on their boat. Together, the three of them created shoes in Jose’s “factory.”  

Soon, they started collaborating with several artisans who had been making the same shoes for generations. Blake and Alejo commissioned them to create 250 sample shoes which Blake stuffed in 3 duffel bags.

  TOMS in the streets of Los Angeles

With his duffel bag in hand, Blake went to American Rag trying to sell the shoes and tell the story about them and the company’s advocacy.  The company owner loved what she heard and decided to sell TOMS shoes in her retail store.

Another big break came in the form of an article in the Los Angeles Times. Because of this, the company had orders that are 9 times more than what they have on hand. On their first year, TOMS was able to sell 10,000 pairs of shoes. True to their promise, 10,000 pairs of free shoes were given to Argentinian children in October 2006. And the rest, as they say, is history.

  One For One business model

When his vacation in Argentina was almost over, Blake met an unnamed woman who told him about that many children there had no shoes. Their lack of shoes made it difficult for them to go to school, get water from the well, and perform other things that are essential to life. It also exposed the children to a wide range of diseases.

Blake spent days traveling the village and witnessing the hardships of the people, especially the children, in the outskirts of the bustling capital. Because of this, the seasoned businessman established a for-profit company that will help provide shoes to children with none.

Aside from Argentina, several other countries have also benefited from TOMS’ advocacy, including Ethiopia, Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, Rwanda, South Africa, and the USA. Also, 40% of the company’s supply chain has been moved to Kenya, Haiti, India, and Ethiopia as their way of addressing poverty in the said countries.

One of the many shoes manufactured by TOMS is the Paseo. Just like the Del Rey and Avalon models, the Toms Paseo sneakers are created for casual lifestyle with extra dimensions and a touch of sportiness.

  • The outsole used on the TOMS Paseo is made of rubber that is flexible.


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