Who should buy the Timberland World Hiker

The World Hiker is part of Timberland's going-green campaign. Get it if:

  • You want a mid-top trail kick whose collar is higher than most.
  • Waterproof leather hiking boots are what you prefer.
  • You want a gusseted pair so that all manners of debris don't annoy your feet.
  • Tank-like hiking boots are what you need in winter conditions.
  • The terrain you negotiate is moderately muddy and slopey in parts.

Who should not buy it

If you need something considerably lighter, check out the Tracker II FG from Vivobarefoot. Then, there's the Teva Grandview GTX for trail-goers with stout feet. Finally, trade the featured boot for the Columbia Bugaboot III if you dislike overspending on footwear.

Timberland World Hiker: An exemplar of toughness

When it comes to durability, the Timberland World Hiker is adored by many. "I might be able to hand these off to my kids one day—that’s how indestructible this boot is," says a vlogger. Another professional reviewer says that it's so heavy-duty that it's "bomb-proof."

Does a world of difference in inclement weather

The Timberland World Hiker has incredible waterproofing, and people are amazed by it. A video blogger among them says that it "will keep you safe from the elements." "Nothing is getting through these boots," says another. Yet one more adventurer says, "I use them for work when the weather is bad."

Something that resists the cold

Trail-seekers find the featured Timbs boot satisfyingly cozy in low temperatures. A gear maven assures his readers that it is so, saying that "it will keep you warm." A non-professional reviewer, on the other hand, says that the World Hiker "feels completely insulated."

Note that the boot in question is NOT engineered with any insulating technology. If you're looking for mid-top kicks that are fully insulated, look into this catalog.

Timberland World Hiker equals top-shelf build quality

"The build on this is very nice," says a seasoned footwear pundit. Another critic says that "the leather on these boots is out of this world." "Well worth the money for this high-quality product," says yet another tester.

A serious case of weightiness

Certain boots trade lightness for lastingness, and unfortunately, this is the case for the Timberland World Hiker. An expert calls it "NOT a lightweight boot." Another says that it's a "heavy-assed boot." On a side note: we have the lightest offerings rounded up for you here.

Very protective like a work boot

Critics are impressed with the solidness of the featured hiker's leather shell. One of them describes it as "so hard-bodied," ramping up his confidence where abrasive hazards abound. Another one says that "these boots are gonna keep you protected."

It could use some roominess

There are those who find the Timberland World Hiker narrow, particularly around the forefoot. A vlogger says this to wide-footed adventurers as a forewarning: "These things are going to give you some issues." In his vlog, he points at the area where the pinky toe knuckle rests.

Takes the big W in aesthetics

Numerous nature travelers are drawn to the captivating looks of the rugged and stylish Timberland World Hiker. Reflecting their appreciation of the boot's stylishness are the following comments:

  • "A very stylish fall/winter boot."
  • "Finally caught my unicorn!"
  • "These are really stunning."

But its price is roof-shattering

Well, that "roof-shattering" part might be an exaggeration, but with the World Hiker being mighty expensive as it is, the hyperbole is somehow warranted. Case in point: The featured hiking boot ($280) dwarfs the average price of hiking kicks by $85. If your budget can't afford something this luxurious at the moment, browse our budget-friendly corner.

The World Hiker loves Mother Nature

Part of the Timberland World Hiker's revival is its eco-friendly construction. It gives back to Mother Nature by having sustainable parts. Its liner, in particular, is made with 50% recycled plastic bottles.

Another mid-cuffed Timberland World Hiker

This premium boot has a sibling in the World Hiker Mid. Its collar is about an eyelet lower than the World Hiker. A synthetic overlay or rand is stitched to its upper, giving extra protection against scrapes and bumps.

Facts / Specs

Use: Day Hiking
Cut: Mid cut
Features: Eco-friendly, Lace-to-toe / Heel brake
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal

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