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Almost everything about this sneaker boot sneaker is surprising to the sneakerheads. Looking at it, Timberland TBL Originals Ultra wasn’t the kind of boots fans expected to be comfy at all. But, boy, were they wrong, as it is tremendously comfortable and delicate on the feet. It might be cozy on the inside, but its exterior is prepared for almost all kinds of circumstances - wet, slippery, snowy, muddy, rocky, and more!


  • Comfort beyond belief
  • Waterproof
  • Feathery light
  • Grippy as hell
  • No break-in
  • Fantastic ankle and arch support
  • Flexible
  • Dashing style


  • Narrow toebox
  • Easily torn bootstraps

Who should buy the Timberland TBL Originals Ultra 

Get your hands on this high-top sneaker if:

  • You usually find yourself in a location with wet or snowy conditions
  • You want sneaker boots minus the clunky and heavy mass
  • You’re looking for a pair with excellent tread that will aid you on rocky and slippery grounds.

Timberland TBL Originals Ultra timberland-tbl-originals-ultra-tbl-logo-heel-midsole

Who should not buy it

If you prefer a boot with a spacious toe area, acquire the Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot. If you are searching for pairs with no issue with its pull tabs, go for Timberland Davis Square Chukka Boots or Nike Path Winter.

Timberland TBL Originals Ultra timberland-tbl-originals-ultra-collar-and-pull-tab

Timberland TBL Originals Ultra’s size: Long but narrow

Many agreed that this sneaker is “generously sized,” lengthwise, as they had to jump down a size from their regular. Although it runs large, reviewers also spilled that it has a narrow fit.

Timberland TBL Originals Ultra timberland-tbl-originals-ultra-fore-foot

Madly comfortable

No breaking-in had to be done on this sneaker, as it felt amazing right from the beginning, verified by the fans. One even claimed this pair is: “more comfortable than some of my sneakers.” Wearing it on a daily basis for a long period wasn’t something reviewers worried about. A fan affirmed after spending a whole day at a theme park: “my feet did not get tired.” It was also established that this TBL is arch and ankle-supportive. Another remarked, “can’t overstate how good these have been.”

Timberland TBL Originals Ultra timberland-tbl-originals-ultra-upper-lateral-side

Timberland TBL Originals Ultra is water-hating

Rain and snow were no match for this sneaker. Fans tested it in different wet environments and confirmed it’s waterproof. According to one, TBL has been “immaculate” for moist-filled situations, while another declared it the “perfect military-inspired winter hiking boots.” 

Timberland TBL Originals Ultra timberland-tbl-originals-ultra-toe-area

Ultra-light, ultra-supple

What fans liked about the lightweightness of this sneaker was it didn’t feel flimsy. “Lightweight but still feels sturdy,” as one mentioned. The suppleness also exceeded their expectations.

Timberland TBL Originals Ultra timberland-tbl-originals-ultra-lace

Hitch on the pull tab

On the other hand, they didn’t appreciate the rear boot loop straps quickly ripped from the collar. They discovered that the straps weren’t sewn to the boot but to the padding. One figured the straps are “more for decoration than function.”

Timberland TBL Originals Ultra timberland-tbl-originals-ultra-outsole-timberland-logo

Its ruggedness comes a long way

With this sneaker, a hiker survived challenging terrains and wet and slippery trails while feeling secure and grounded. Other reviewers also concurred that “the tread has lots of grip.”

Freakin’ stylish

Even though it has a military-forward look, sneaker fans still noticed sophistication and classiness through its ruggedness. They didn’t only use this bad boy for work or intense hikes but also for casual trips, as it was said to be “great for fashion.”