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7 reasons to buy

  • According to several reviewers, the Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Sneaker Cleats are oozing with style. 
  • Some people expressed satisfaction that the high-top sneakers run true to size.
  • A handful of users reported that the Newport Bay Thread Canvas Sneaker Cleats from Timberland provided an excellent fit.
  • The casual high-tops were described by testers as excellent shoes overall.
  • The shoes are quite comfortable according to a few purchasers.
  • A small number of consumers were pleased with the earth-friendly construction of the sneakers. They loved the idea that recycling could produce such fresh kicks.
  • One individual commented that he loved the off-white colorway of the Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Sneaker Cleats.

1 reasons not to buy

  • The Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Sneaker Cleats have very limited colorways available.

Bottom line

Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Sneaker Cleats provide a stylish laidback look that’s perfect for warm weather getaways. The shoes also get plus points for comfort and the true-to-length and width fit.

Extra huge points are given to its earth-friendly lifestyle shoes which utilizes plastic bottles for recycling into fabric and thread. The shoes have a couple of nice colorways that purchasers admired. However, the colors are very limited, and there is not much option for choice.


Top: High
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Timberland Casual Shoes
Price: $80
Small True to size Large
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The Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Sneaker Cleats are men’s silhouettes with sizes ranging from 7 to 13 in regular medium width. The canvas uppers are soft yet sturdy, providing some lateral and medial support. A high-cut construction allows the feet to be more securely locked in by the shoes’ lacing system.

These canvas kicks give off that perfect relaxed and chill look that goes hand in hand with the summer and spring seasons. Ride on the laidback vibe and pair these high-top shoes with joggers and sweatshirts. The neutral colors of these footwear will go well with any color outfit in your wardrobe. You can take it up a notch by matching the sneakers ripped jeans and a cable sweater in a burgundy color (or any other shade that would make your outfit pop).

These Timberland sneakers’ Newport Bay Thread references the Thread fabric used in creating the uppers. The Thread is made from 50% recycled plastic bottles collected in Haiti while fabric crafting is made in the USA. The outsoles, meanwhile, are made from 15% recycled rubber but don’t let that fool you. The outsoles are sturdy and can take much punishment from your everyday activities. If you’re looking for stylish shoes that give back to Mother Earth, it’s these kicks.

Timberland LLC used to be called The Abington Shoe Company until Nathan Swartz bought out all shares of the business in the year 1955. The Swartz family were the first to utilize the injection-molding technology in the manufacture of shoes, an innovation so ahead of its time because it allowed the production of waterproof cleats by connecting soles to uppers without the use of stitches.

The main focus of the brand was outdoor wear, but in 1978, they decided to grow their range and expand into the manufacture of casual Timberland shoes. Just a few more years later, they went international, and they haven’t stopped rising since. This was partly due to professional rappers and well-known hip-hop culture icons DMX and Mobb Deep wearing their brand.

Amazingly, for a company that is focused on outdoor Timberland footwear, their lifestyle shoes are doing well and, in fact, are quite trendy. Just like the Newport Bay Thread Canvas Sneaker Cleats which rock the casual look so well with its high-cut profile, smooth canvas uppers, and neutral tones that go well with any relaxed day outfit.

  • The Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Sneaker Cleats contain breathable mesh linings and have a vulcanized construction.
  • The Thread fabric comes from a company that employs people in Haiti to collect, wash, and turn plastic bottles into useful fabrics.