We spent 7.8 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

9 reasons to buy

  • An overwhelming majority of reviewers noted that the Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Chukka is stylish and fashionable sneaker as it blends well with their style.
  • Many customers find the use of the signature thread material commendable as the responsible design lessens environmental impact by using recycled PET bottles.
  • Several users love to wear the high-top sneaker during the summer months because of its casual street vibe, cool canvas material, and breathable mesh lining as compared to regular leather cleat.
  • A good number of commenters love the dependable grip and durability of the vulcanized rubber outsole.
  • Some are impressed with the neutral colorways of the Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Chukka as it is versatile to match with a variety of clothing like jeans and shorts.
  • A few buyers claimed they get a lot of compliments from other people while wearing the shoe and that the sneaker’s environmental importance often becomes a conversation point.
  • The Timberland cleat remains lightweight making them great for casual walks or hanging out because of its street-style vibe several wearers commented.
  • A couple of reviewers like that the ankle feels protected with the high-top design and the padded collar enhancing the comfy feeling.
  • A few users love that each pair remains budget-friendly at only $75.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A small number of reviewers commented the Timberland Newport Bay Canvas Chukka could cause discomfort at the back heel as the suede material often rubs near the Achilles.
  • Some customers noted that the white sole could easily get scuff marks.
  • Several buyers advised taking half to one full size lower to get a good fit of the Timberland cleat.

Bottom line

All-American cleat maker Timberland reaps praises for their footwear portfolio with their latest offering – the Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Chukka. It has an environment-friendly Thread fabric material that is made from 50 percent polyethylene or PET plastic bottles.

The ultra-breathable sneaker also has a lightweight high-top construction with durable vulcanized soles that are made with 15 percent recycled rubber. Priced reasonably at $75 per pair, this casual Timberland sneaker comes in a stylish package in versatile styling ensuring a trendsetting flair while having the heart and passion for the environment.


Top: High
Inspired from: Casual
Collaboration: Thread
Collection: Timberland Casual Shoes
Price: $75
Small True to size Large
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Among the best-fitting men’s cleat brands around, Timberland sneakers are known to fit perfectly on medium-D width feet. With simple round laces, the feet are kept secured by a padded collar and a tongue with breathable mesh lining for enhanced ventilation. Available sizes range from US size 7 to 13 for men.

Wearing the stylish Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Chukka cleats is already a standout piece in itself with its high-top silhouette, durable construction, and breathable materials. But the use of the signature Thread material elevates the style and design into a conversation piece. The shoes’ eco-friendly fabric has already made a few news sites, magazines, and blogs talking about the trailblazing kicks that slipping on the sneaker would make heads turn and while serving as a major talking point among the sneaker community.

The fact that this particular sneaker style also comes at a budget-friendly price of only $75 a pair, many sneaker fans would see the wearer as someone conscious of saving the planet and with a heart for Haitians who have been given jobs because of this collaboration.

In itself, the unique canvas sneaker is versatile that one can pair them in jeans or shorts while running around town effortlessly during the spring and summer months when hot leather cleats seem to be unbearable. The neutral Olive and Dark Grey canvas colorways are also easy to style as they don’t overpower one’s outfit of the day. Instead, each shoe complement clothes with a relaxed style, minimalistic cuts, a lace-up design, and a padded collar and interiors that does its primary job, and that is to give a sense of style,  comfort and cushioning to the feet.

Most prominent among the features of this casual lifestyle sneaker is its use of the Thread signature Ground to Good fabric in the upper. The signature fabric is made from 50 percent polyethylene or plastic PET bottles collected in the streets and dumps in Haiti reducing environmental impact while also providing job opportunities for the people.

Also, noticeable in the Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Chukka sneaker is the vulcanized construction that delivers a seamless and well-constructed cleat while the high traction outsole made from 15 percent recycled rubber adds to the reliability of the lifestyle cleat design.

In 1928, Timberland founder Nathan Swartz began making shoes as an apprentice stitcher in Boston, Massachusetts. After several decades, Swartz decided to acquire The Abington Shoe Company in South Boston in the 1950s eventually bringing his sons to work in the company.

The Swartz family was instrumental to the growth of the footwear industry in the US by bringing then the state-of-the-art injection molding technology that paved the way for waterproof cleats by way of connecting the leather upper with the sole seamlessly without stitching. In 1973, the brand Timberland was born after the release of the favorite waterproof cleats that the owners thought it would be best to name the firm as The Timberland Company.

Through the years, the company has been known for its waterproof cleats while also selling other products such as apparel and bags. Continuing the shoemaking legacy of the American cleat manufacturer, Timberland also embraced the bandwagon of eco-friendly footwear since 2009.

The company based in Stratham, New Hampshire in the United States has been trailblazing in manufacturing footwear products using recycled, organic, and renewable with more than 233 million plastic bottles turned into footwear. In 2015, the company used more than one million pounds of recycled polyethylene or the equivalent of 47 million plastic water bottles to produce Timberland cleats.

By partnering with Pittsburg-based ethical fabric startup Thread which pioneered recycling of plastic bottles in Haiti and Honduras to make their trademark Ground to Good fabric. The rising trend of ethical and pro-environment consumerism has led to the Timberland x Thread collaboration using Thread’s signature Good to Ground fabric, a durable canvas upper material collected off the streets and dumps in Haiti. Timberland is the second company to partner with Thread after designer brand Kenneth Cole.

The Thread collaboration with Timberland includes five shoes, bags and, shirts using fabric made out of PET bottles. The partnership doesn’t only focus on environmental impact but also on employment as the venture also opens up opportunities for Haitians to earn from the project.  

The Timberland x Thread shoe collab includes the Newport Bay Thread Canvas Hiker Chukka, City Blazer Fabric Cleat, City Blazer Leather Cleat, Newport Bay 6-inch Canvas Cleat, and the Newport Bay Thread Canvas Chukka. The Timberland Newport Bay Canvas Chukka sneaker comes with uppers made of the signature Thread fabric that is made of 50 percent polyethylene or PET bottles collected in Haiti and produced in the US. With its lace-up styling and vulcanized construction, the shoe comes elevated with an eco-friendly and responsible design with its vulcanized construction and durable outsoles made from 15 percent recycled rubber.

  • The high-top sneaker has a vulcanized construction for added durability and seamless design from top to bottom.
  • Breathable mesh lining adds the needed ventilation and comfortable feeling to the sneaker usually worn during the summer months.
  • The durable rubber outsole with an enhanced grip and traction are made from 15 percent recycled rubber.