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6 reasons to buy

  • Many reviewers have shared how they love the stylish design of the Timberland Londyn 6-inch Sneaker Cleats.
  • A lot of the consumers are really appreciative of the ability of the shoe to match up with different clothing.
  • Some users have expressed that this Timberland sneaker provides great comfort for the foot.
  • A good number of reviewers have said that they would recommend the sneaker.
  • The shoe is available in multiple colorways.
  • One can get a pair of the Timberland Londyn 6-inch Sneaker Cleats at an affordable price.

2 reasons not to buy

  • One user has complained about how the shoe hurts the end of their foot if they don't wear long socks.
  • A few buyers have noted that shoe fits a little tight on foot.

Bottom line

Timberland produces sneakers that offer quality, performance, and style. With the Timberland Londyn 6-inch Sneaker Cleats, a feminine appeal wraps the rugged profile of Timberland cleats. The internal wedges deliver more height to the wearer, and the sleek design of the shoe adds more to the trendy, street-style of the shoe.

The high-top sneaker cleats’ ability to withstand wet and cold weather conditions gained praises from wearers. Stylish design and a wallet-friendly price, the Timberland Londyn 6-inch Sneaker Cleats may be a great addition to one’s wardrobe.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Timberland sneaker
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The Timberland Londyn 6-inch Sneaker Cleats hugs the foot in comfort with the standard-fit offered by Timberland cleats. It is available in women’s sizing. With the high-top profile, this sneaker cleat provides decent ankle support and protection. 

A ragged appeal with a touch of femininity inside the silhouette with the addition of the internal wedges comes with the Timberland Londyn 6-inch Sneaker Cleats. The timeless design of the original Timberland 6-inch cleats that is in a way passed to this silhouette, offering a rather stylish street-inspired look.

Sneakers with high-top silhouette often give off an edgy vibe that also brings out the fashion-forward senses of the wearer, so that’s also the case with this Timberland sneaker. The shoe itself exhibits a somewhat trendy appearance that also offers a flexible sense in a style that allows it to match up with various attire options.

The Timberland Londyn 6-inch Sneaker Cleats goes well with a pair of regular cut jeans, fitted jeans, or skinny jeans. A simple t-shirt topped off with a jacket can finish up the whole street-inspired look.

The prominent elevation is one thing that buyers immediately notice when putting on a pair of the Timberland Londyn 6-inch Sneaker Cleats. The high-top shoe is built with a .4 inch internal wedge which adds a little height for the wearer. The DNA of a traditional image of a Timberland 6-inch cleats is being exhibited on the design of the shoe, giving it an attractively ragged image.

In 1973, Sidney Swartz introduced the Original Yellow Cleat to the world. The silhouette was originally produced for the industrious workers in New England. The shoe was constructed from 39 components through 80 different procedures which were powered by function, form, and craftsmanship instead of fashion purposes. But despite that fact, it didn’t stop the silhouette’s appeal to flourish globally. The cleats became a fashion icon as it conquered the street-style.

It was during the 1990s that the Timberland Yellow Cleats skyrocketed as a fashion icon. Multiple US hip-hop artists rock the cleats and giving them street-style credibility as it also immediately took hold of its own place in the different subcultures. The shoe was stylishly worn by these influential artists by being unlaced and excreting the whole larger than life stance.

The influence of the high-top shoe expanded and was worn by almost all kinds of people in the society as the profile is versatile and goes well with many types of lifestyle. Its distinctive design and quality play considerable roles in the silhouette’s success in taking over the fashion world and lead it to become one of the iconic shoes in the footwear industry.

Throughout time and with its success, Timberland also managed to keep the spirit and design of its iconic yellow cleats through creating variations and new silhouettes that carries the original profile’s DNA.

The brand’s women’s line offers the Timberland Londyn 6-inch Sneaker Cleats which brings the classic image of the Timberland cleats yet also provides a more feminine style with its inside wedge that provides elevation for the wearer.

  • The Timberland Londyn 6-inch Sneaker Cleats is built with 50% PET which is recycled plastic bottles.
  • The sneaker cleats are covered in leather upper.
  • Use Balm Proofer All-Purpose Protector.
  • Use Renewbuck Suede & Nubuck Cleaner to clean this cleat.
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