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8 reasons to buy

  • Most people who’ve tried on the Timberland FlyRoam Go Knit said that the shoe was one of the most comfortable they’ve ever tried. They commended the soft and flexible material and stated that it felt amazing from the first day of use.
  • Many remarked that the low-top sneaker looked great on foot. They also loved the touch of leather on the heel which, they say, adds a hint of class to the shoe.
  • The FlyRoam Go Knit is true to size and width, according to several reviewers.
  • The colorways of the lifestyle sneaker are beautiful and fun for spring, a good number of purchasers commented. They were also pleased that the colors ran neutral and can be paired with most anything.
  • Some buyers expressed delight at the excellent quality of the shoe.
  • An individual reported that the inner sole of the Timberland FlyRoam Go Knit conforms to medium to high arches and provides good support.
  • The casual sneaker is lightweight and does not tire the foot, one user stated.
  • It’s easy to slip on, one person wrote.

1 reasons not to buy

  • One user did not like the rigidity of the shoe’s heel.

Bottom line

If comfort is your priority, then the Timberland FlyRoam Go Knit might just be the footwear that you need. The sneaker uses a soft jacquard fabric to cover the upper while the insole provides ample support for arched feet. The true to size and width measurement of the sneaker gives users a perfect fit while a lightweight build makes it ideal for walking. Rounding off the shoe excellently is its high-quality construction, eye-catching style, and captivating colors.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Timberland sneaker

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The Timberland FlyRoam Go Knit is available in men’s and women’s models. The women’s version has sizes ranging from 5.5 to 11 while the men’s measurements range from 7 to 12. The Timberland model runs true to size and length which means a medium for both versions. Wide-footed users may have trouble fitting on the shoe. Sturdy fabric laces help in adjusting the fit.

Getting the sporty cool look has never been so easy. The Timberland FlyRoam Go Knit will keep you looking chic no matter where you take it. Want to get an outdoorsy vibe? Pair the sneaker with jeans with frayed hems, a cotton shirt, and a drawstring jacket. Women who want a more feminine look can match the shoe with a knit dress and a leather jacket, or a pretty skirt and a blouse.

If you liked the Timberland FlyRoam Go Knit simply for looks, then you will love it even better when you find out about its features. High energy rebound with every stride is easily attainable with this sneaker. It uses the brand’s Aerocore midsole system to give improved cushioning while keeping things lightweight. Nature lovers will be glad to know that the mesh linings of the sneaker are made from 50% PET plastic while the tough outsoles are manufactured from 34% recycled rubber.

Timberland is one of the oldest footwear manufacturers in the US. Previously known as The Abington Shoe Company, Nathan Swartz bought out the business in 1955. In 1973, the company came out with the waterproof Timberland cleat. This cleat proved to be so popular that the company changed its name to the Timberland Company to reflect the shoe’s name.

A few years after changing their name, the company expanded to include Timberland casual and boat shoes to their lineup. They also went international and pretty soon, rappers and hip-hop culture icons, Mobb Deep and DMX, began wearing Timberland products. This gave the brand some street cred and helped triple their sales.

The FlyRoam Go Knit comes from Timberland's lifestyle section and is surprisingly stylish and trendy coming from a company that mainly sells outdoor gear. The streamlined kick features a sporty-chic design with a sock-like fit and lightweight feel.

  • The Timberland FlyRoam Go Knit is covered in a one-piece jacquard mesh fabric, and it fits like a glove for a supportive fit.
  • The model weighs around 340 grams per shoe.
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Danny McLoughlin

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