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7 reasons to buy

  • The good cushioning of the Timberland Amherst Canvas Chukka was admired by many who have bought a pair.
  • A lot of the users were really glad of the breathable feeling they get when wearing the shoe.
  • The majority of the reviewers were impressed by the superb comfort offered by the sneaker.
  • Quite a good number of buyers were amazed at the quality of the Timberland Amherst Canvas Chukka.
  • A few of the buyers pointed out that the shoe didn’t need any break-in period.
  • Many reviewers said that they would recommend the shoe.
  • One can choose among the different colorways offered for the shoe.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few of the buyers advised of going at least half a size up since the Timberland Amherst Canvas Chukka may run small in size.
  • A couple of reviewers complained about the shoe being narrow.

Bottom line

With the Timberland Amherst Canvas Chukka, the brand was able to create a shoe that lives up to the reputation of the company when it comes to quality and also showcases a stylish design that allows the wearer to keep on trend. The mid-top shoe does not fail to deliver stylish comfort and breathability that keep the foot from hurting and provide proper ventilation all day long.


Top: Mid
Inspired from: Hiking
Collection: Timberland Casual Shoes
Price: $120
Colorways: Beige, Blue, Brown, Purple
Small True to size Large
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The Timberland Amherst Canvas Chukka offers the conventional fit of the Timberland cleats. It may run small in size, so getting a size up is applicable. This mid-top shoe may also not be favorable for those who do not have the standard foot width since it may also run narrow, especially the toe box.

Timberland has yet again proven its ability to blend in with the continuous evolution of fashion. Despite being originally designed as work cleats for blue-collar workers, the Timberland cleats has successfully shifted to become casual footwear. These silhouettes have marked their significance in the fashion world and have become a vital element of one’s wardrobe.

The Timberland Amherst Canvas Chukka displays a rather trendy appeal that complements a variety of outfit choices. The sleek design of the mid-top shoe, giving off the edgy appeal, making the shoe a great choice to finish up a semi-formal look without sacrificing the street-style look.

Pair up the shoe with a pair of skinny jeans, a top of one’s choice, finished up with a leather jacket or a denim jacket. Women can be experimental with their get up and pair up the Timberland Amherst Canvas Chukka with a dress and a jacket, earning an edgy look yet, not losing the sense of fun.

Timberland is known for its work cleats. But as some of their silhouettes have transitioned into casual sneakers, the brand can create shoes with the image of a fashion sneaker.

The Timberland Amherst Canvas Chukka displays a design that fits well with the taste of most buyers. The clean and sleek features of this mid-top shoe give significance to the image of the shoe, giving it an attractive appeal.

Timberland has been producing quality footwear products ever since the company’s inception. The brand was first known for producing work cleats and created a reputation for the good quality of their products.

But as time went by, Timberland cleats have stepped out of their long-established image and adapted the image of casual Timberland footwear. As these cleats became popular with the modern culture – with the help of some urban artists exposing these silhouettes beyond their traditional use – the cleats have also blended in with the fashion world.

Though at first, the brand was hesitant of letting their products to be diverse, it soon let go and had their silhouettes fully transition into lifestyle footwear. Timberland produced new silhouettes alongside its classic and iconic ones to provide their new fan base rather more options to choose from.

One of these shoes is the mid-top, Timberland Amherst Canvas Chukka, which displays a clean and sleek design that gives off a trendy appeal. The silhouette offers the traditional quality of Timberland with the modern touch of style.

  • Care instructions for Timberland Amherst Canvas Chukka
    • Renewbuck Suede and Nubuck Cleaner
    • FootwearDry Cleaning Kit
    • Balm ProoferAll-Purpose Protector
  • The upper of the shoe features 50% organic cotton and 50% cotton that offers lightweight comfort.
  • The Ortholite Polyurethane footbed of the shoe offers good cushioning and support.
  • Underfoot support, flexibility, and independent suspension are offered by the SensorFlex comfort system of the shoe.
  • The synthetic lining of the shoe is created from 50% PET which is recycled plastic bottles.


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