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8 reasons to buy

  • Users by the hundreds are quick to applaud the Teva Tirra’s incredible durability.
  • This strappy hiker’s arch support is nothing short of fantastic, based on numerous positive user reviews.
  • Teva Tirra’s extreme level of comfort astounds scores of verified purchasers. They attribute most of this quality to the sandal’s cushy footbed, and a user with plantar fasciitis—after not feeling any pain over a few days’ use—couldn’t agree more.
  • This hiking sandal is a powerhouse when it comes to surface traction, according to a moderate percentage of users.
  • Some hikers greatly appreciate this sandal for keeping their footing steady on uneven terrain.
  • Several users, which include a hiking blogger, strongly admire the Tirra’s air-like lightness.
  • This hiking footgear impresses many owners with its quick-drying feature.
  • The Tirra hiking sandal from Teva pleases a wide portion of female hikers as it did not require a break-in period at all. They love how it was comfortable right out of the box.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A number of users became utterly dismayed about the Teva Tirra’s scratchy and short ankle straps.
  • Several wearers criticized the sandal’s footbed for making their feet sweat profusely.
  • A handful of owners expressed their disappointment with the sandal’s forefoot straps for leaving too much space even when they are strapped all the way in.

Bottom line

Teva’s response to the demands of the hiking community is the trendy Tirra. This superbly lightweight yet supportive multi-sport sandal offers high levels of comfort and durability. It is also praised as a quick-drying footgear that performs well in wet conditions. It provides excellent ground stability and surface traction.

However, there are people who shot it down for its abrasive ankle straps, and sweat-inducing footbed. All in all, it remains a likable athletic hiking sandal despite its reported criticisms.

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Good to know

  • The Teva Tirra is a hiking footgear specially made for adventurers who are looking for great mobility and agility. It has a sleek upper made using a combination of water-ready synthetic fabrics, polyester webbing, and hook and loop tabs.
  • The sandal’s built-in footbed, which is integrated with the footwear’s ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole, features a shock-absorbing unit embedded in the heel zone called the brand’s very own Shoc Pad. This footbed is also odor-resistant, thanks to Microban’s antimicrobial tech.
  • What gives hikers grip over mixed terrain, come rain or shine, is the Tirra’s Spider Rubber outsole—a Teva-owned technology. This durable rubber layer has decent treads and features low-profile lugs. Additionally, with its outsole and midsole combined (sole unit) the Tirra has an 8.5 mm heel drop (a range that caters to midfoot strikers).

The Teva Tirra is a strappy, athletic sandal designed specifically for female hikers. Achieving a secure foot lockdown is made possible by the Tirra’s trio of straps which can be configured and fastened to the wearer’s desired fit.

Powered by its Spider Rubber outsole, the Teva Tirra promises to deliver traction on tricky terrain no matter the weather condition. The sole’s water-shedding tread patterns prevent traction loss on wet surfaces, while its multi-directional lugs provide grip from nearly every direction. This rubber layer will also not stain urban surfaces as it is non-marking to boot.

Wearers are granted stability on uneven and undeveloped trails thanks primarily to the sandal’s cushy midsole. It has ample end-to-end thickness to ensure proper shock absorption and distribution. It also provides adequate arch support with its raised arch zone.

Within the confines of this comfy platform is a nylon shank. What this added component does is it reinforces the midfoot zone to improve the user’s balance. It also contributes to the sandal’s overall stability, especially during transitions.

Teva designers crafted the sandal’s non-removable footbed with the female foot in mind which means that this insole is designed to be extra soft and have more prominent contours.

There is a cushy component placed in the heel cup of the footbed called the Shoc Pad. This springy patch, which is made using a combination of polyurethane and EVA, contributes to the sandal’s shock absorption by evenly transferring the energy of impact throughout the midsole.

During the construction of this hiking sandal from Teva, the engineers also infused the insole and midsole with Microban’s zinc-based antimicrobial technology. By actively inhibiting odor-causing bacteria on a micro level, it is able to fight off the stink. It also prevents mold buildup, thus improving the lifespan of the sandal.

The women’s-only Teva Tirra is lightweight and fast-drying thanks to its strappy, webbing upper which is mostly made of polyester. It is a hydrophobic, synthetic material characterized by lightness, strength, and resilience. The sandal’s set of straps use hook and loop fasteners to give wearers wider lockdown configuration options. There is also a pull tab stitched on the heel’s back strap for effortless on and off.

Aside from keeping the Tirra away from high temperatures (or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight) the brand recommends the following care tips to extend the life of the Tirra sandals:

Step 1. Hand wash (never machine wash) the pair using antimicrobial soap and warm water. Use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and other accumulated debris on the outsole carefully. Gently bend the sandals to expose the grooves and eliminate hidden dirt.

Step 2. If the odor is still present after cleaning the sandals, try the methods below:

a. Mix any antimicrobial mouthwash with two cups of water. Submerge the sandals in the solution for 15 minutes. Clean using a soft bristle brush (or an old toothbrush). Air dry.

b. For 15 to 20 minutes, soak the Tirra hiking sandals in a chlorinated pool or hot tub. Gently scrub and rinse in clean water. Air dry.

c. Wrap the sandals in a plastic sealing bag and place it in the freezer. Allow freezing overnight.

d. Add a layer of baking soda on the footbed and let it sit for 8 to 24 hours. The odor-neutralizing effect can be strengthened by sealing it in a plastic bag after sprinkling it with baking soda.

Step 3. This athletic sandal from Teva has Microban zinc as its antimicrobial treatment. According to the brand, occasionally exposing it to sunlight for not more than 15 minutes can boost its effect. However, it is important to note that prolonged exposure can damage the sandal.

Both the Teva Tirra and Teva Verra hiking sandals carry brand-owned technologies which include the Shoc Pad and the Spider Original outsole. The differences between these two women’s-only hiking sandals are the design of their uppers (the straps) and the sole contour and thickness. The straps of the Verra on the forefoot has one loop only compared with the Tirra’s two loops. This design yields more points of adjustment for the Tirra which grants a more personalized fit. Both styles, on the other hand, use a Velcro closure system for fit customization.

These models also offer a slight difference in their heel drop. The Tirra’s heel drop is 8.5 mm while the Verra’s has a 9 mm drop (both are for midfoot strikers). The pull strap at the heel area of these sandals can also be used to attach it to a backpack. Lastly, the ability of these Teva sandals to dry quickly enables it to perform on wet and dry conditions without compromising comfort.

-Women who love the outdoors and prefer a hiking gear without ankle straps may try the Tirra Slide. This foot-forming sandal wears the silhouette of the Tirra which includes its hook-and-loop closure (at the forefoot), nylon shank for underfoot support, contoured EVA midsole for cushioning, Shoc Pad technology placed at the heel, and the non-marking Spider Original outsole. Also, Microban (zinc-based) treatment keeps odor at bay. The strap near the instep is adjustable using Velcro which permits owners to tighten the fit.


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