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11 reasons to buy

  • Based on a sizable number of reports, the Teva Omnium 2 runs true to size.
  • A vast majority of wearers couldn’t help but praise the sandal’s overwhelming amounts of comfort.
  • This hiker stoked many reviewers, including reputable bloggers, with its super-protective toe coverage.
  • Its fantastically grippy outsole was lauded by several users.
  • Footwear pundits were quite enamored by the Omnium 2’s astonishing adjustability.
  • Some verified purchasers were impressed with the excellent arch support of this Teva footgear.
  • In a small percentage of Teva Omnium 2 reviews, online shoppers mentioned that it was extremely versatile.
  • Less than a handful of patrons commended the hiker’s highly effective drainage system.
  • Its phenomenal stabilizing capability earned the respect of an expert.
  • This Teva offering captured the hearts of a couple of buyers with its beautiful craftsmanship.
  • A tiny fraction of consumers fell deeply in love with the hiking footgear’s reasonable selling price.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several hikers were not very pleased with the sandal’s subpar breathability. Some of them even went on to say that its predecessor was better in this regard.
  • The Teva men's Omnium 2 closed-toe sandal gave a couple of users blisters around the heel area.

Bottom line

A remarkably true-to-size fit with loads of comfort is what’s in store for Teva Omnium 2 wearers. It also has exemplary toe protection and relentless surface traction. This highly adjustable sandal, unfortunately, might not be the top choice for folks whose feet tend to sweat a lot. All in all, the Omnium 2 is a compelling Teva product to own thanks to its stellar cast of hike-worthy traits. Those unamused with its misfire on the breathability front might want to steer clear of it though.

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Good to know

  • The Teva Omnium 2, the first-generation Omnium’s successor, is a hiking gear built for wearers who require a blend of protection and support in their adventures. It is treated with the same Microban technology as its predecessor, giving the sandal adequate defenses against odor-causing elements.
  • This iteration retains a shank in the midsole unit. However, the former version’s shock-mitigating Shoc Pad technology makes an exit.
  • Its synthetic upper has also received a couple of welcome changes. The two forefoot vent holes in this edition are now paneled with mesh unlike those seen in the first Omnium. This version also has an elastic gore engineered on each side of the tongue’s flap for ease of access.
  • The Omnium 2’s cushy midsole and grippy outsole together make a rockered toe. This feature, which it inherits from its older brother, allows for improved push offs.

Teva’s Omnium 2 is a multi-sport sandal specially built for male day hikers. Its relatively true-to-size fit is targeted at wearers with standard-width feet. Its sizing selection is made up of full and half sizes. In it, users may achieve a secure and personalized lockdown via the sandal’s adjustable instep lacing and hook-and-loop straps.

When it comes to footing security on slippery surfaces, the Teva Omnium 2 relies on its non-marking Spider Original outsole. It is made of a kind of rubber that enables it to produce adequate grip over challenging terrain, whether wet or dry. Teva designers engineered it with hardwearing multi-faceted protrusions (commonly known as lugs) to give frequenters of the trail enhanced slip and skid resistance.

The Omnium 2’s heavy-duty midsole is the layer that delivers protection from underfoot hazards and giving owners sufficient stability over uneven terrain. It is made using ethylene-vinyl acetate—a foam-like material known for its durability and capability to withstand considerable weight and stress. Its non-removable in-built footbed, which is mildly textured to prevent slippage, grants hikers extra comfort underfoot.

Embedded within the midsole’s confines is a nylon shank. This additional component gives enhanced stability over rugged terrain. It also bolsters the gear’s medial support.

Wearing this Teva gear means being strapped in its part synthetic, part mesh upper. It is engineered with soft padding on the inside for increased in-sandal comfort. Its closed-toe design is shoe-like, giving trail enthusiasts extra forefoot protection. The gaps between the footwear’s collar and tongue are bridged with a stretchy material (gore), making on and off a bit more convenient.

The closure system of the Omnium 2 blurs the line between sandals and shoes. This is especially true with the footgear’s lace-like quick-pull cord with locking slider at the instep. The straps securing the cuff area both have Velcro-like fasteners. That said, only the front strap has a locking buckle made of a material akin to hard plastic.

Teva recommends cleaning the Omnium 2 every two to four weeks. The care tips that follow can help prolong the footgear’s lifespan:

  • Wash the sandal by hand (never by machine) in warm water with the use of antimicrobial soap. Remove dirt, mulch, and the like from hard-to-reach creases and gaps using a soft-bristled brush. Extra clingy substances may be dealt with by gently bending the affected areas of the footwear and flushing them off with a jet of water.
  • If after washing odor persists, try the following methods:
    • Soak the hiker in a solution made by combining one cup of antimicrobial mouthwash and two cups of water for about 15 minutes. Scrub stinky parts with a soft-bristled brush. Let it dry in a shaded yet airy place.
    • If the above mixture is not an option, submerge the sandal either in a tub of hot water or in a basin filled with chlorinated water for 15 to 20 minutes. Scrub the shoe and rinse it with clean water. Let it air-dry.
    • Put the Omnium 2 (must be clean and dry) in a sealable bag then place it inside the freezer overnight.
    • The use of baking soda is another alternative. Apply a layer of it on the footgear’s footbed then let it sit for 8 hours to an entire day. The odor-neutralizing effect of this method may be enhanced by putting the sprinkled sandal in a plastic bag.
  • Exposing this Teva hiker to sunlight for no more than 15 minutes on occasion is recommended. Note that longer sunlight exposure could lead to warping and damage.

The second-generation Omnium and the Forebay 2 are among Teva’s line-up of closed-toed sandals. Read on to find out their differences.

  • Toe Protection. Although both pieces of hiking footwear have a closed-toe construction, the Omnium 2 has more toe protection thanks to the broader coverage of its midsole.
  • Midsole Tech. The Forebay 2’s midsole comes with the Shoc Pad unit at the heel for extra shock absorption. The Omnium 2, on the other hand, is engineered with a nylon shank for improved arch support and ground stability.
  • Price Point. The featured footgear’s suggested retail price is about 20 dollars higher than the Forebay 2.

  • The Teva Omnium 2 also comes in a leather variant—the Omnium 2 Leather.


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