Who should buy the Teva Jadito Universal

This remarkable piece from Teva is for those who value versatility in hiking sandals. That said, if you dig a little deeper, you will find out that the Jadito Universal is also for:

  • an attractive summer sandal for both outdoor and casual situations
  • a versatile pair that can be dressed up or down
  • an affordable pair of sandals

"Comfort and cuteness," - this is how one reviewer perfectly describes the essence of this Teva shoe.

Teva Jadito Universal Upper

Who should NOT buy the sandal

This sandal from Teva is not considered the most trail-ready one, tilting more towards casual wear. If you need proper hiking footwear, have a look at sandals like Teva Universal Trail and Teva Hurricane XLT2.

Jadito Universal suits various occasions

Ladies highly appreciated the versatility of this Teva silhouette. It can be worn with a summer dress and a sporty attire alike; can be dressed up to a business casual outfit or dressed down for athleisure and running errands. Based on the general wearers' feedback, it is the kind of sandal that easily becomes a go-to for walking, traveling, and even partying.

Teva Jadito Universal versatile use

Adjust the straps as you like

The Jadito Universal has two adjustable straps which allow you to regulate the fit. The straps are described as soft against the skin and seem to cause no irritation or rubbing for the majority of wearers.

Teva Jadito Universal Heel strap

Spend all day in comfort

A large portion of the wearers' feedback mentioned how blissfully comfortable the Teva Jadito Universal made them feel even when spending all day on feet:

  • "more cushion than expected"
  • "so comfy they make my eyes roll back in my head"
  • "walked 13km in them and felt no foot pain at all"

Using Memory foam for its footbed, the sandal made ladies feel like they are walking on "a yoga mat," "little pillows," and "marshmallows."

Some of the reviewers with plantar fasciitis also noted that the sandal helped to revive their strain.

Teva Jadito Universal Insole

Teva Jadito Universal makes you taller

A lot of wearers chose this Teva sandal for its raised platform. As some of them say, "I'm short so I love the added height they give" and "you gain a good inch with these."

But the downside is that the higher stack comes with added weight. More than a few ladies noticed that this sandal is heavier compared to most options on the market. 

Teva Jadito Universal Midsole

Be careful on wet surfaces

Those who happened to wear this sandal on wet floors warn that the outsole can get slippery. It is not the tackiest rubber.

Teva Jadito Universal Outsole

Prepare to receive compliments

"I get more compliments on these Teva’s than any others," shares one of the reviewers. Many others agree that the Teva Jadito Universal is definitely a head-turner.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 13oz
Use: Light Hiking, Urban hiking
Features: Eco-friendly, Strappy, Chunky / Lightweight / Antimicrobial, Heel brake
Width: Normal / Narrow, Normal
BRAND Brand: Teva
Construction: Eco-friendly, Strappy, Chunky
Material: Plastic, Rubber sole

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