Who should buy the Teva Hurricane Verge

This pair of hiking sandals from Teva is a solid choice for summer if you need versatile footwear for the following adventures:

  • moderate day hiking
  • camping
  • water hiking
  • paddleboarding and other water sports
  • casual wear around town
  • and everything in between

The style and colorways of this Teva sandal also create a semi-urban, semi-outdoor vibe which makes it so versatile for a variety of activities.

Teva Hurricane Verge Insole

Who should NOT buy the sandal

Despite being a rather comfortable and supportive sandal, the Hurricane Verge is simply not rugged enough to handle long-distance hikes and high-intensity water activities. You might be better off getting a sturdier, closed-toe sandal like KEEN Newport H2.

Here are a few more alternatives from Teva that are similar to the Hurricane Verge but have some advantages over it:

Comfort that takes you anywhere

Reviewers have described the Hurricane Verge sandal as "exceptionally" and "undeniably" comfortable. Some of those who have owned other pairs of Teva sandals even claim the Verge to be their favorite comfort-wise. "I’ve been wearing them more often than any other shoe I own over the last few months," says one of them.

The sandal's footbed is very nice to the touch and even has a kind of arch support. A person with flat feet praised it for keeping her feet pain-free. Many other wearers agree that this sandal has enough cushioning and support to keep you standing and walking for hours.

Teva Hurricane Verge Midsole

In addition, the footbed is textured and has raised sidewalls which contribute to your surefootedness by keeping the foot in place. However, some hikers still found it insufficient on steep inclines, where the foot ends up sliding forward anyway.

As for the straps, each of them is said to have enough padding on the back to prevent rubbing and digging into the skin.

Teva Hurricane Verge Straps

Adjustable straps help you fine-tune the fit

You can regulate the fit any way you like given that each strap (including the back strap) has either Velcro or a buckle fastener. This setup not only provides easier on and off but also allows you to get a customized fit. In the words of a reviewer, the Hurricane Verge "definitely shines in the adjustability category."

Teva Hurricane Verge Heel strap

But unfortunately, not everyone was able to achieve the desired fit. For some, it "took a couple of wears to figure out the fit" but for others, it was still a challenge. Whenever they adjust the heel strap tight, the foot would start sliding upfront. Another issue is the change of terrain. A few people complained that they had to re-adjust the straps to get a more secure fit for inclines and descents.

Teva Hurricane Verge Front

Traction on the Hurricane Verge is better than expected

Although Teva sandals are nowhere near hiking shoes or Vibram rubber in terms of grip, many people were pleasantly surprised with the Teva Hurricane Verge's outsole.

Teva Hurricane Verge Outsole

The sandal is reported to have "decent lugs" for moderately slippery slabs and rocks. So if you plan on taking this sandal through the creeks and then stepping on the rocks and boulders, you are going to feel safe.

Style is this Teva's strong point

The monochromatic earthy colorways of this sandal have caught the eye of many style-savvy hikers: "the fuchsia is STUNNING," "the soft tone colors make them go with everything."

Teva Hurricane Verge Forefront

It "will add flair to any outfit you choose" for sure, as one reviewer says. And in case you are turned off by the bulky-looking straps, you should first try out how comfy they feel around the foot.

Teva Hurricane Verge is easy to keep clean

The wearers had no issues keeping this sandal nice and fresh. You could add a little soap or shampoo for a better result but even that is not necessary. In addition, this Teva is rather quick drying.

Great deal for the price

With the average for hiking sandals hovering around $93, the asking price of Teva Hurricane Verge ($80) makes it a great deal. Especially considering that you can get it for 50% less these days. The positive feedback on this sandal's durability proves that it is a great investment.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 11oz / Women 10oz
Use: Day Hiking, Light Hiking, Urban hiking
Collection: Teva Hurricane
Features: Strappy, Eco-friendly / Lightweight
Width: Normal / Narrow, Normal
BRAND Brand: Teva
Construction: Strappy, Eco-friendly

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