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8 reasons to buy

  • Scores of verified purchasers spoke quite highly of their Teva Hurricane 4 sandals in the comfort department.
  • Its arch support was considered outstanding by a host of wearers.
  • Based on numerous reviews, this strappy Teva hiker runs true to size.
  • The sandal, especially the Teva Hurricane 4 (women’s version), was praised for having a super-stylish design from top to bottom.
  • Quite a number of owners swore by the minimal break-in period of this hiking footgear.
  • Some users deeply adored its unbelievable lightness above all else.
  • The Teva men’s Hurricane 4 impressed several male hikers with its long-lasting build quality.
  • This amphibious hiking sandal was admired through the roof by a small group of testers for having incredibly adjustable straps.

4 reasons not to buy

  • About a handful of patrons found the sandal too wide, especially around the toe region.
  • Its inability to fight off stink was enough to disappoint a couple of consumers.
  • A very tiny percentage of reviewers complained about the sandal’s sweat-inducing footbed.
  • An owner didn’t appreciate the weird sensation she got from one of its triangular buckles.

Bottom line

A spectacular treat is waiting for sandal-loving trail travelers who would opt for the Hurricane 4 by Teva. Indeed, hikers who would give this true-to-size shoe a chance are destined to discover how immensely comfortable (on day-one), supportive, and beautifully crafted it is. Unfortunately, the sandal still comes with a handful of flaws, arguably the most unamusing of which is the clunkiness of its forefoot zone. To sum up, the Hurricane 4 is yet another delightful Teva gear whose excellence on many fronts overshadows its few criticisms.

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Good to know

  • The water-ready Hurricane 4 from the Teva Hurricane lineup is built for hikers who like adventuring on tough trails. It is the direct successor to the third-generation Hurricane. Just like its predecessor, this new version is treated with Microban’s anti-microbial technology—a zinc-based treatment that proactively deals with odor-causing bacteria.
  • It inherits the overall semblance of the Hurricane 3’s upper. That said, the Hurricane 4’s straps aren’t made of nylon—the material used in the straps of its older sibling; instead, they are made of quick-drying polyester.
  • The rockered sole unit of the Hurricane 3 makes a comeback in this iteration. It is still made up of a heavy-duty midsole and Teva’s Durabrasion outsole.

The Teva Hurricane 4 is a fairly true-to-size, multi-sport sandal for men and women. It is offered in standard width and sizes. A secure and personalized lockdown is made possible by the footgear’s adjustable straps.

When it comes to slip and skid resistance over tricky terrain, wearers have the Teva-exclusive Durabrasion Rubber outsole to thank. As its name suggests, it is made entirely of rubber, albeit a lightweight yet durable kind. The toothy protrusions (widely known as lugs) engineered throughout its surface give hikers extra grip over loose soil.

With the Hurricane 4’s EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) midsole, users are given the capability to keep a steady balance with sufficient cushioning on the trail. As it is made of EVA, this stout yet flexible component can withstand considerable stress and pressure and bear the hiker’s weight. It comes built with a shank made of nylon for additional midfoot support. It is also engineered with Shoc Pad—an added component placed around the heel for enhanced shock absorption.

Doubling down on underfoot comfort is the sandal’s built-in insole. It has a lightly textured surface and a bordered design to prevent slippage.

The upper of this Teva hiking gear is comprised of straps made of water-shedding polyester webbing. These straps are networked together with the use of three triangular plastic buckles. They are engineered with hook-and-loop fasteners, making them quite adjustable as a result. For extra comfort, Teva designers lined its heel strap with soft padding.

Pieces of hiking footwear arguably take most of the beating in any given adventure. As such, they require proper care and upkeep. The Hurricane 4 is no different; in fact, Teva advises owners to clean it every two to four weeks. Consider the following care tips to extend the hiker’s longevity:

  • With the use of an antimicrobial soap, wash the sandal by hand in warm water. It may not be cleaned in a washer. Areas caked with dirt and mud may be cleaned using a soft-bristled brush. For debris and other sticky substances stuck in its grooves and gaps, bend the gear gently then flush them off with water.
  • Teva Hurricane 4 users may try the following methods if the odor still remains after washing:
    • In a mixture made by combining two cups of water and a cup of anti-microbial soap, soak the sandal for about 15 minutes. Using a soft-bristled brush, gently scrub still-odorous areas. Let it air-dry away from direct sunlight.
    • In a pool or hot tub filled with chlorinated water, submerge the Hurricane 4 for 15 to 20 minutes. If access to a hot tub or pool is not possible, a wide and deep enough basin should also do the trick. Rinse it with clean water after giving stinky parts a nice brushing. Let it air-dry.
    • Another way to deal with persistent odor is to place the Hurricane 4 in a freezer while in a sealed bag overnight. The footgear must be clean and dry before doing so.
    • Coat the hiker’s footbed with some baking soda and set it aside for 8 to 24 hours. Owners may put the sandal in a plastic bag to enhance this method’s odor-neutralizing effect.
  • Users are advised to expose the Teva Hurricane 4 to sunlight for 15 minutes occasionally. This process improves the effectiveness of Microban’s zinc-based anti-microbial technology. Owners may not leave the sandal in direct sunlight beyond the prescribed duration.

The fourth-generation Hurricane and the Terra Fi Lite are two of Teva’s water-ready sandals. They are quite similar on many fronts, so the following points can help buyers decide which to get between the two:

  • Triad of straps. Both Teva products come with three adjustable hook-and-loop straps. However, the Hurricane 4’s heel and ankle straps are linked together with buckles that have a more streamlined, less-bulky design than the Terra Fi Lite’s.
  • Lining. The fourth Hurricane from Teva is crafted with minimal lining; only its heel strap is engineered with a cushy patch. Its competition, on the other hand, has its entire upper built with soft padding except for the part that connects the ankle and forefoot straps.
  • Outsole t The two strappy hikers in this head-to-head are engineered with company-owned outsoles: the Durabrasion Rubber for the Hurricane 4 and the Spider Original for the Terra Fi Lite. The former is designed with balance and lightness in mind, while the latter promises quality performance on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • Weight. When it comes to weight, the Terra Fi Lite is lighter than the featured sandal by about 10 ounces for men. The weight difference between the women’s version of the two rivals, on the other hand, is about 50 ounces.
  • Pricing. Those on a tight budget are likely to side with the Teva Hurricane 4 as the sandal is about 20 dollars cheaper than its friendly competitor.


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