Tenaya Tanta notable features

-Tenaya Tanta is a high-performance, handmade rock shoe that works in long multi-pitch routes and tricky climbs. Its synthetic upper comes with a cotton lining that optimizes comfort. The rubber placed at the base of the upper improves durability while providing a decent amount of friction when edging and smearing.

-The brand’s M4 technology is incorporated underfoot. This feature includes a micro-layered insole that helps distribute pressure evenly, optimizing performance. A rubber outsole makes it adherent to various rock surfaces.


Downturn. The Tanta has a moderate downturn and is slightly asymmetric. This profile enables the climber to perform in almost all types of terrain. 

Applications. Tenaya advertises the Tanta as a rock shoe that performs in all kinds of situations. It is designed to help beginner climbers improve their foot techniques, both indoors and out. It can also be used in multi-pitches, trad and crack climbs.


This Tenaya product is a unisex rock climbing shoe. This vegan-friendly offering has a lining that renders little-to-no stretch. Its Velcro straps aim to customize the fit as desired.


Midsole. The Tanta carries a medium-stiff 2D PLT 10 midsole and TST multi-layer stretch tex insole. These two elements create a supportive underfoot platform. They are partnered with the brand’s M4 technology, a four micro-layered unit that enables equal distribution of force for a more comfortable ascent. 

Outsole. This Tenaya product carries a 4 mm thick outsole that bites into different rock surfaces.  It extends upright in the rear area to allow climbers to heel hook effectively. Extra friction is granted by the rand surrounding the shoe.


Tenaya’s Tanta has a synthetic upper. Its interior comes with a cotton lining with TXT treatment for comfort and an odor-free environment. The rubber rand that envelops the base of the upper enhances its resistance against abrasion while increasing its edging ability. 

The shoe has Velcro straps, wide open bellows tongue, and dual tabs. These auxiliary features provide climbers with a convenient on and off.

Additional Info

  • Climbers who are seeking other vegan-friendly options may look at rock shoes from Evolv.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 6oz
Construction: Vegan
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Comfort fit
Downturn: Moderate
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Synthetic

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