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6 reasons to buy

  • The Tenaya Oasi LV is a comfortable climber’s shoe, says almost everyone who has bought it.
  • Many users who have used this climb-centric Tenaya offering say that it has a great fit.
  • Its outsole has superior stickiness, according to several wearers.
  • The Oasi LV’s durability is quite stellar, say about a handful of testers.
  • A couple of patrons who have purchased this high-quality climbing shoe adore its overall aesthetics.
  • This Tenaya piece is incredibly versatile, says a tester who has purchased it.

1 reason not to buy

  • An owner who has sent in it a number of times claims that getting in the shoe is a challenge.

Bottom line

Sporting the vegan-friendly Oasi LV from Tenaya means covering vertical miles in tons of comfort. Wearing this well-fitting climbing piece also translates to sends where surface traction comes in heaps. This durable shoe, however, might not be the best choice for climbers who highly value easy access in their footwear. 

Overall, the Tenaya Oasi LV is a product whose strengths make it a brilliant companion in which to send daring routes. Those still on the fence about it may opt for a slip-on alternative instead.

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Good to know

-The Tenaya Oasi LV, the Oasi’s low-volume counterpart, is a rock climbing shoe engineered to give wearers a combination of comfort and precision in every send attempt. Its designers engineered it with the RBRX technology which makes the shoe as responsive as possible. As it is made from top to bottom with materials devoid of animal substance, it is considered a vegan-friendly rock climbing shoe.

-It comes built with SXR Dynamics—a technology that allows the shoe to adapt to rocks (or protrusions) of different shapes and sizes. It also doubles down on precision.

Downturn. Tenaya lists the Oasi LV under their selection of aggressively downturned climbing shoes. Sufficient forefoot power comes with this type of down-camber, allowing climbers to tiptoe their way on nubbins and micro-edges.

Applications. The Tenaya Oasi LV is intended for sport climbing as well as bouldering. It is an indoor and outdoor climber’s shoe engineered with components that allow it to ascend vertical faces and overhangs alike.

The Oasi LV from Tenaya is a low-cut climbing shoe. The LV in its name stands for “low volume” which gives it a narrow width. As it is a unisex product, male climbers would need to go up a full size for a comfortable fit. A personalized and secure lockdown in this shoe comes by means of Draxtor—a Tenaya-exclusive closure system that allows for independent tension control.

Midsole. Zonal support in the Tenaya Oasi LV comes from its two-part midsole. It is a unit made up of GI 1.8 and TST 150. It is paired with a 2D multi-layer footbed, called Stretchtex.

Outsole. The Oasi LV promises surefootedness on different types of terrain with its heavy-duty Vibram XS Grip outsole. It has a thickness of 3.5 mm. It has a cutout around the arch zone for extra flexibility underfoot.

Encapsulating the foot in the Tenaya Oasi LV is its low-cut synthetic upper. Its interior is unlined. Making contact with the instep is a breathable bellows tongue made of dual-layered textile courtesy of Lycra. The upper’s lower perimeter is wrapped in a hard-wearing rand whose presence not only grants extra abrasion protection but also enhances climbing security. There is also a patch of rand engineered at its inner toe box for additional toe-hooking grip. Expediting on and off is the shoe’s pair of heel pull loops.

Rounding out the Oasi LV’s upper is its proprietary Draxtor lockdown system. It consists of D-rings for eyelets, a synthetic strap, and a securing tab built with hook-and-loop fasteners.


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