Who should buy the Tenaya Indalo

The Indalo is the spiritual successor to the Tenaya Mastia. Add it to your shopping cart if: 

  • You wish to scale more difficult problems (from V6 to V7).
  • Smaller holds are prevalent on the route you wish to tackle.
  • Aggressive climbing shoes with milder asymmetry are what you're after.

Who should NOT buy it

Trade the Tenaya Indalo for the Five Ten Hiangle if you want a fantastic edger. And if you're looking for a pair with a just-right fit with no access issues, consider the Skwama from La Sportiva.

Pure pocketing prowess in the Indalo

Professional reviewers are over the moon about the Indalo when it comes to dealing with pockets. One of them says that it delivers "outstanding security while toeing into thin pockets." Another one says that it provides "maximum purchase in mini pockets."

Heaps of heel-hooking goodness

Based on reports, the Indalo is quite captivating when it comes to heel hooks. An expert says that it grants "extra purchase for technical finicky heel hooks." It "hooks with A-grade precision," says another.

Tenaya Indalo: In the zone on overhangs

The featured downturned shoe is spider-like on overhanging terrain, and bloggers agree. One of them said that it "helped latch onto small nubs and spikes on overhanging routes." Another one said that it's "supple enough to thrive on overhanging terrain."

Heavily downturned yet comfortable

A gear pundit says that it's "a very comfortable shoe—especially given its aggressive profile." Another professional tester says that it's "extremely comfortable for a high-performance shoe."

Edging is not its forté

The Tenaya Indalo might not be the edging wizard you've been looking for. Supporting this statement are the comments "not stiff enough to be a micro-edging beast" and "isn’t the best edging shoe we’ve ever tried."

Technically for the long haul

An experienced climber-slash-critic says that the Indalo has "a remarkable capacity for technical footwork." One other professional footwear reviewer says that the featured kick is "the ideal candidate for long and complex routes."

Narrower than most aggressive climbing shoes

A restrictive toe box fit is among the Indalo's misfires. A reviewer says, "its narrow forefoot and toe box alienate the wide-footed among us." Another one says that "if your feet are duck-ish or square in the toe, the Indalo probably isn’t for you."

Better closure than before

While slipping into the Indalo can be quite a chore, its enhanced Velcro system is a dream. A gear blogger says that, compared with the Mastia, the shoe in question has "a more precise lacing system." Another one says that its "closure system is more adjustable than your typical strap."

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 12oz /
Construction: Vegan
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit
Downturn: Aggressive

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