Tenaya Iati notable features

-The Tenaya Iati is built with freedom of movement and extra climbing precision in mind. It inherits most of the Oasi’s beneficial aspects but to an improved degree, rendering the shoe capable of taking on challenging ascents.

-This rock climbing shoe by Tenaya comes imbued with the technologies RBRX and SXR Dynamics. The former bolsters the shoe’s responsiveness in a variety of climbing situations. The latter, on the other hand, gives the shoe enhanced precision and surface adaptability.


Downturn. The Iati is part of Tenaya’s roster of aggressively downturned rock climbing kicks. Its adequately stiff beak-like toe zone promises pin-point precision on micro-edges and tricky footholds. Rock shoes of this type favor single-pitch routes.

Applications. This climb-focused Tenaya product is designed for slab and sport climbing as well as bouldering. It comes with components that provide users with adequate performance on overhanging terrain. It is for both indoor and outdoor use.


The Iati is a low-top rock climbing shoe from Tenaya. As it is a unisex offering, female climbers may need to go down a full size from their street shoe size to get a comfy fit. Its patented closure system called Draxtor grants lockdown security. Its overall snugness (glove-like fit) is thanks to the shoe’s RBRX technology and bellows tongue.


Midsole. For underfoot support and protection, Tenaya designers armed the Iati with a two-part midsole—GI and TST 150. The former comes at a thickness of 1.8 mm. Atop this supportive unit is a multi-layer insole called Stretchtex which gives senders extra comfort.

Outsole. The Iati helps the foot stay latched on to different types of surfaces with its long-wearing rubber outsole, called Vibram XS Grip. It is 3.5 mm in thickness. It covers the entirety of the shoe’s underside, making it a full-length component. Its rear extension delivers sufficient grip in heel-hooking situations.


The low-cut upper of the Tenaya Iati is a combination of microfiber (synthetic) and genuine leather. It has a liner made of TXT-treated cotton. The lower perimeter of its front half has a heavy-duty rand, lending climbers lateral surface traction and protection from abrasive elements. This protective covering seamlessly transitions to the Iati’s toe patch which enhances the user’s toe-hooking grip. Randing is also present around the upper’s heel and arch zones, giving wearers improved rearfoot control and security.

Stitched to its heel are two synthetic pull loops for on-and-off assistance. Its Velcro closure consists of two straps linked together with a fastening tab. These adjustable straps are set through reinforced buckles.

Tenaya Iati vs. Oasi

The Iati is a proud member of Tenaya’s line-up of high-quality climbing shoes. As such, many climbers put it side by side with other climb-centric kicks for comparison. In this case, the featured shoe finds competition in yet another Tenaya gear—the Oasi. These two offerings share certain similarities—both are heavily downturned shoes, and both are equipped with the same outsole technology by Vibram (3.5-mm XS Grip). With their likenesses in mind, identifying which between the two is the keeper can be detrimental indeed. Fortunately, the list that follows will put into perspective their differences.

Asking price. In this regard, purchasers may find a better deal in the Tenaya Iati. Yes, the featured rock climbing shoe is less costly than the Oasi by around 5 U.S. dollars.

General construction. The Iati is a mostly leather Tenaya piece. The Oasi, on the other hand, is a fully synthetic product. Furthermore, the Oasi is considered a vegan-friendly climbing shoe, which means its construction—from top to bottom—is devoid of any animal substance.

Fit management system. At first glance, the closure systems of the Tenaya Iati and the Oasi look very much the same. However, if given closer inspection, it is easy to wind up in the conclusion that the Oasi has two separate straps. Indeed, they are not linked together, unlike how the straps in the Iati are set up.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 10.2oz
Technology: Leather, Vibram
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit
Downturn: Aggressive
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Leather

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