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9 reasons to buy

  • Buyers used the words “perfect,” “amazing,” and “lovely” to describe the Taos Rubber Soul.
  • It has a lot of color options.
  • Almost everyone who bought the sneakers said that it is very comfortable to wear.
  • Many reviewers loved the fact that the shoe is easy to wear.
  • One person said that he was so pleased with the Taos Rubber Soul’s footbed, he ordered two more of the sneakers.
  • It has good arch support, most reviewers noted.
  • Another reviewer said that the sneaker is perfect for traveling, and other activities that deal with much walking and standing.
  • A good number of purchasers like how the high-quality construction is evident with just one glance at the Taos Rubber Soul.
  • One person said that the sneaker looks good without it being sloppy.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few people were hesitant to buy it because they found the Taos Rubber Soul pricey for a slip-on sneaker.
  • One wearer commented on the heaviness of the sneaker when worn.

Bottom line

With a familiar silhouette, the Taos offers people a classic yet high-quality sneaker with the Taos Rubber Soul. It has a nice look to it without it looking too shoddy or too casual. In terms of support, comfort, and how easy it is to put on, the sneaker has gotten approval from sneakerheads on these qualities.

The Taos Rubber Soul though has been touted to be pricey for some but people seem to be in agreement that, for the price one pays, the sneakers are worth it for the support it offers.


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A woman's shoe, the Taos Rubber Soul has no traditional lace-up closure system and, instead, is a slip-on sneaker with goring that can be worn easily. The canvas upper is sturdy and durable yet not constricting to the foot.

The low top comes in a size range of 6 to 11 US, women’s size.

The Taos Rubber Soul is one of those sneakers that is a pleasure to own. It may be an ordinary looking shoe, but there’s a refined twist to it that still makes it stand out in a crowd. With a low top profile, the sneaker is pretty easy to style with. Those who own a pair of the Taos Rubber Soul recommend going with the classic shorts or jeans, and t-shirt pairing.

The Taos Rubber Soul’s most notable feature is one that isn’t seen with the eye but is actually felt when the shoe is worn. Ever since the brand's inception, comfort has always been a top priority for it, and the Taos Rubber Soul does not disappoint at all. It has an arch and metatarsal support, forefoot cushioning, and a molded and contoured insole for a cushy and comfortable feel.

Taos, with its exciting name, derives from New Mexico’s city of the same name, Taos. With a rustic, chill, and artistic vibe to the town of Taos, the brand also embodies all these qualities in its comfy and stylish footwear. Quality is vital with Taos sneakers, the brand using luxurious fabrics and embellishing its shoe with snazzy embroidery and other knick-knacks. Taos also places a lot of value and a lot of its effort on one key factor in its footwear; comfort. It achieves this by using cork and rubber for midsoles while contoured footbeds and a whole bunch of other technologies are utilized, too.

The Taos Rubber Soul is just one of Taos’ many offerings regarding comfy footwear. Simple yet a classic, this low top has a soft canvas upper, a thick sole to it, and is offered in a number of different colors that pair easily with a bunch of different outfits.

  • The sneaker has a thicker and higher platform.
  • It has a durable canvas upper.
  • For all-day wear and comfort, the Taos Rubber Soul has a breathable canvas lining.
  • The footbed has SILVADUR Antimicrobial Shield.
  • The rubber outsole is flexible.
  • To clean the sneaker, spot clean it with a damp cloth.
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