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6 reasons to buy

  • The Supra Skytop EVO provides superb comfort according to the majority of the reviewers.
  • A couple of consumers agreed that the shoe delivers good quality.
  • Several of the users enjoyed the compliments they get when wearing the sneaker.
  • One reviewer said that the shoe gives good ankle support.
  • The sneaker is available in multiple colorways that gives the buyers more options to choose from.
  • The Supra Skytop EVO is sold at an affordable price.

1 reasons not to buy

  • One of the buyers pointed out that the Supra Skytop EVO runs at least half a size smaller.

Bottom line

A continuation of the Supra Skytop series which is the ground-breaking legacy of Chad Muska, the Supra Skytop EVO offers quality, comfort, and style. The high-top sneaker pays respect to its originator and delivers its timeless appeal with the fresh touch-ups that provides improvements to its performance. With a wallet-friendly price, the Supra Skytop EVO is worth a shot.


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True to its originator, the Supra Skytop EVO carries the high-top design structure in which offers ankle support for the wearer. The silhouette also conveys a flexible characteristic, despite being a high-top shoe that allows the foot to have freedom in movement.

The Supra Skytop EVO is a unisex shoe that is offered in men’s sizing from size 4 US to size 14 US, and in medium width. Women may purchase a pair by deducting 1.5 off their normal size.

The Supra Skytop silhouette has proven its significance in the industry of both skateboarding and fashion. The style it offers conveys a timeless appeal, making the shoe be able to blend in with the constant evolution of style.

With the Supra Skytop EVO, a touch of modernity is given to the shoe, making it display a more contemporary appeal that stylishly belongs in the streets. The fun and sporty image that the sneaker delivers is mixed with an edgy vibe that adds more impact to how the silhouette complements a street-inspired attire.

The design structure of the Supra Skytop EVO displays an iconic style, considering it carries the DNA of its iconic predecessor, the Supra Skytop. This high-top silhouette delivers the classic appeal of its predecessor while also bringing out a modern visual enhancement.

Latin for “above and beyond,” the Supra brand lived up to its name when it introduced its original silhouette, the Supra Skytop. Initially released in 2007, but it was in 2008, after being co-signed with Jay-Z that the high-top silhouette got into the top-five. The profile displays the true high-cut form with a vulcanized sole that pulled the favor of skaters.

The massive popularity that the Supra Skytop silhouette gained in 2008 led the shoe to also be well-known in the fashion industry and landed spots on the men’s style publications. The silhouette was then called by many “the best shoes of the year” during that time.

Due to the success and popularity of the Supra Skytop, the brand released variations for it, falling under its own line. Supra Skytop II and Supra Skytop IV are a few to mention for the primary model’s upgrades and modifications. The Supra Skytop EVO is another of its variations. It features a three-dimensional fused TPU cage on its heel, quarter, and on its collar. It provides enhancement of the iconic lines of the shoe’s high-top structure.

  • The availability of the sizes for the Supra Skytop EVO may depend on the colorway.
  • The price of the sneaker may vary on its colorway.
  • The materials used for the upper construction of the silhouette may differ, depending on its colorway.
  • Some colorways for the sneaker may be sold out.
  • The sneaker displays a vulcanized sole.
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