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10 reasons to buy

  • The Supra Skytop offers superb comfort for the foot that leaves most of the critics in great satisfaction.
  • Several reviewers note that the sneaker provides excellent support for the foot.
  • The high-top shoe feels lightweight, according to some users.
  • Many admire the versatility of the sneaker when it comes to style, saying that it matches with different get-ups.
  • A couple of buyers express that the Supra Skytop shoe is the best pair of kicks they have owned.
  • A lot of the consumers are highly appreciative of the stylish design of the sneaker.
  • A buyer can choose from a variety of colorways.
  • A couple of dancers say the Supra Skytop is a comfortable sneaker to wear when dancing hip-hop and modern dances.
  • Some fashionistas love the overall look of the Supra Skytop because it becomes the centerpiece of one’s outfit with its bold colorways and stylish, high-top design.
  • Several of the Supra Skytop reviews note that many buy the sneakers because it is trendy and that some celebrities wear and endorse the shoe. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • The price of the Skytop by Supra falls in the slightly expensive price range.
  • A few mentions that some colorways of the sneaker could be overbearing, bright, and bold and could have been toned down visually as it becomes harder to pull off.

Bottom line

The Supra Skytop silhouette lives up to its name, “Skytop,” as it offers top quality, comfort, and performance, a skateboarding enthusiast would need. The natural blending of style and fashion adds more impact on the appeal of this iconic sneaker. 

The Supra Skytop has made a name in the skateboarding culture but also established a solid reputation in the sneaker industry.

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Good to know

The Supra Skytop, with its skateboarding origins, displays the duo of a high-top cut and vulcanized sole that hugs the foot in a protective comfort as it also supplies the necessities of a skater. This sneaker also features the elastic tongue straps with thin padding that also offers ankle support. The internal neoprene toe cap and vamp of this high-top silhouette provides toe protection.

Fusing skateboarding with fashion and giving birth to a silhouette that stayed true to its name, Supra is undoubtedly successful in creating a shoe that not just meet the needs of skaters yet also offering a shoe that functions fully well as a fashion sneaker.

The Supra Skytop displays a fashion-forward image that gracefully channels the rugged yet appealing vibe of a street-style look. With its style flexibility, the high-top silhouette also effortlessly blends-in with a semi-formal style. Either way, the sneaker conveys a sporty, fun, and yet edgy appeal to finish up one’s look.

For an easy and ready-to-go ensemble that would fit with the Supra Skytop, throw on a pair of fitted jeans, a cute tee, and a favorite jacket, and voila! One can hit the road in a stylish and clean look.

The Supra Skytop, with its name quite suitable for it, features a true high-top profile which is complemented with the vulcanized sole that is mostly intended for skaters. The image of the high-top silhouette itself carries the weight of the sneaker as it was one of the factors behind the shoe taking over the sneaker nation.

The ability of the shoe to showcase both the sport and fashion vibe at the same time through its design is what gained the favors of most buyers.

Supra, being a skateboarding line made its mark in the sneaker world with the bestselling Skytop shoe. With the short amount of time that the signature brand which in Latin translates to “Above and beyond” has been around, it already has made quite some accomplishments by offering above and beyond expectations by churning out stylish Supra kicks that celebrities are proud to wear. The Supra Skytop shoe has played a massive role in the accomplishments of the brand.

The Supra Skytop was initially released in 2007, and it was welcomed with open arms by the skateboarding society. It then gained more recognition in 2008 as it was featured in different publications, earned an endorsement from hip-hop star Jay-Z, and many sneakerheads have even noted it as one of the best shoe designs to come out of the year. The silhouette then became one of the most searched brands in 2009, as it began appearing on the feet of celebrities like Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and its endorser Jay-Z.

At that time, the Supra brand was still relatively unknown when it was founded by Angel Cabada. Then several professional skateboarders including pro-skater Chad Muska started patronizing the brand. Cabada, Muska, and designer Josh Brubaker were among those who conceptualized the designs in the brand including the Supra Skytop.

For the three Supra Skytop designers, it is the skateboarding-ready functions of the sneakers that are most important followed by its looks that should be good on the board and the red carpet. The OG Supra Skytop design resembled that of basketball kicks dropped in the early 1990s with its high-top profile, skateboarding performance while also giving hints of high fashion. In just a year after its release, the Supra Skytop has already gained notice from fashion magazines, stylists, retailers, and even big-name celebrities.

  The Skytop line’s influence and evolution

With the popularity and success acquired by the Supra Skytop sneaker, it led the brand to garner appreciation for being able to create one of the most coveted shoes today. Given its success, it also started the Skytop line of the brand with fresh and updated design versions of the silhouette are featured. Soon other footwear brands have seen the rise of the Supra brand that they also released their versions of cool high-top sneakers.

The success of the OG Supra Skytop has also led to the release of three more versions of the shoe. The Supra Skytop II shoe, for example, was given new makeovers with limited and general releases selling out almost instantly. The texts the Supra Skytop III and the Supra Skytop IV also came out that with different special features to give sight to visually-impaired people.

  • Different materials are used for the upper of the Supra Skytop, depending on the colorway of the shoe.
  • The silhouette is seen on the foot of celebrities in the likes of Jay-Z, Bradley Cooper, Heidi Klum, Lamar Odom, Jaden Smith, and many more.
  • The sneaker features extra heel protection that is molded into its high memory polyurethane insole.
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