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10 reasons to buy

  • The Supra Method allows for effortless on and off, according to many.
  • Supra does not scrimp on materials in constructing this well-assembled sneaker, as detailed by many buyers.
  • The cushy upper offers comfort to the arched part on top of the foot, mentioned by users.
  • This cushioning in this shoe is liberally distributed offering a fantastic comfort, as noted by lots of reviewers.
  • The removable insole works like a mattress under the feet, as stated by a reviewer.
  • The cushioned neoprene works as added support on the Achilles heel cited by a couple of users.
  • In spite of its full-bodied frame, the Supra Method is lightweight, as stated by several reviewers.
  • The mid-top cleatie concept of the Method shoe looks even more charming with jeans, mentioned by some users.
  • Its rubber sole has tons of flexibility and shock absorbency, noted by a couple of skaters.
  • According to a couple of reviewers, its flex grooves allows users to have control on their boards.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some reviewers feel that the heel area is a bit wide.
  • The actual colors are not the same as shown on the screen, according to a few commenters.

Bottom line

The Supra Method, a sneaker of choice of mostly skaters, is splashed with dozens of attractive colorways. The cut-away segment around the collar is supported by a stretchy and spongy neoprene which doubles as insulation.

It’s the same material that makes up the protruded tongue and the covering across the midfoot for a cozier feeling on the instep. The Achilles area is kept secured as the raised heel works as a supportive buttress, while the cushioning inside cradles the feet from impact.

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Good to know

Supra Method, a mid-top sneaker, is built with a stretchable and breathable membrane, plus a lace-up feature that offers a lockdown fit. The mesh covering on the front attached to the neoprene cleatie allows air to circulate within the shoe. The raised synthetic rubber on the heel reinforces that area and protects the back of the foot from impacts and blows.

Skateboarding has influenced mainstream fashion. Long before queues of skate-inspired sneakers are seen turning up seasonally in the market and filling up the shelves, Supra, a relatively new brand, has been churning out skate-centric designs with an impeccable mix of function and fashion. After its towering skate figure Skytop earned a cult following, pushing three installment releases, the brand comes up with a totally smart looking mid-top the Supra Method.

Supra Method mimics the condescending guise of the Skytop with the presence of a jutted, padded tongue. However, the Method is partly altered using neoprene to achieve a sock-like construction. The minimized form of the collar does not choke the ankle while the angular outline, punctuated by a supportive, raised heel offers a fashion-forward appeal.

For a sharper look, the chiseled Supra Method mid-top sneaker works well with a pair of tapered jeans snipped or clipped just above the ankles, joggers that hug your lower leg, zipped tracksuits, and lightly distressed jeans. The soft bottoms go well with plain tees, hoodies, and woolen jackets, while the thick fabrics work appropriately with varsity jackets, and leather tops. The wide selection of colorways for the Supra Method encourages users to push boundaries in styling up and go above and beyond their comfort zones.

Supra Method’s high-and-mighty frame punctuated by an oversized tongue impresses not only the skate enthusiasts but sneaker junkies too who aspiring for edgier skate wear look. Its unique structure, juxtaposing style and function does not fall short in comfort. The noticeable maxi tongue and raised heel are modestly padded and wrapped with a stretchy neoprene while the front gets a mesh treatment, supported by a tough-wearing Nubuck. Inside, the foot is given a cushiony welcome with its well-padded inlay sole. In spite of its robust casing, the Supra Method comes very light. And, although this sneaker is rooted in skateboarding, it can do well on urban streets even if it’s off the board or deck.

Skateboarding powerhouse Supra unleashed the Supra Method, a blend of two fundamental high-top skate performers of the brand, the Skytop and Vaider. Unlike these towering models, the Method is made to be sleek and upbeat, utilizing neoprene fabric in rendering a sock-like upper construction.

The new and tone-down concept eliminates tons of padding and weight around the top edge of the shoe, revealing the ankle, while the protruded, cushioned tongue creates a soft buttress. The contemporary image of the mid-top Supra Method is an indication of the brand’s direction from a skateboard sneaker-centric label to an athleisure provider.

Back in 2006 skateboarder and sneaker maven Angel Cabada established Supra, a sneaker line born from his previous skate apparel venture the KR3W Denim Clothing. Supra’s presence in the market was boosted by collaborative campaigns with American pro skaters Jim Greco, Chad Muska, and Erik Ellington.

Cabada was in the right place and time when he conceptualized Supra. His $100-million startup fund, which he devoted to research and development, gave him a better foresight of the possible trend in sneakers in the coming years. And he wasn’t wrong in producing trailblazing shoe concepts, putting in mind consumers’ love affair with athleisure fashion.

Nearly two decades since the brand was launched, we now witness the rise of skate shoes into mainstream fashion, a previously held spot of vintage ball shoes and retro running sneakers. Even before established brands saw this coming, Supra was already into its third installation of the Skytop and the Vaider was already taking shape.

In barely two decades, Supra continues to enjoy its mainstream popularity through its highly lauded and much sought cutting-edge sneakers. Recently added to such roster is the mid-top Supra Method.

  • Supra is one of the brands that produces over 20 colorways for certain shoes, and the Supra Method is one of those.
  • Bootie constructed sneakers usually have a strong opening, and the pull tab on the heel helps in slipping the foot inside the shoe.
  • It uses a customary EVA midsole coupled with rubber landing pads that offers flexible grip.
  • Further bolstering the popularity of the brand were endorsements coming from entertainment bigwigs such as Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne.


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