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10 reasons to buy

  • A high number of testers rave about the breathable mesh upper. One noted that it could be worn in the hottest weather without the feet sweating.
  • A user said that it is possible to wear these sneakers without socks and not get blisters.
  • Several of the consumers have worn these for sports like running, parkour, and skateboarding without having complaints.
  • Comfortable is a description mentioned by a significant number of purchasers. It is mainly linked to the incredibly cushioned sole.
  • Because the Supra Hammer Run has a fantastic grip, the feet feel comfortable when performing bounces on the wall and hard landings.
  • These look great on the picture, amazing in person, and best when it’s on feet according to one buyer.
  • A common quality used to describe the Hammer Run is how surprisingly lightweight it is. Because of this, a couple of purchasers find that it is a great shoe for running.
  • Several of the shoppers did not have regrets with their acquisition.
  • As mentioned by a Supra user, these are the most comfortable Supra he has worn to date, more comfortable than the Society Mids.
  • One online reviewer who suffers from hammertoes highly praises the extra bit of cushion.

3 reasons not to buy

  • According to a few users, the tread started to come off after a short period of usage.
  • Although mesh is a breathable material, some shoppers find that it is too thin.
  • Wearing these in the rain or snow may be impossible as it immediately makes the feet wet because of the mesh upper, said one tester.

Bottom line

Following up the success of the Supra Hammer, Jim Greco intends to continue the streak for the Supra Hammer Run. Reinterpreted and redesigned as a casual sporty look that is runner-inspired, it still carries the same profile that Greco has in mind of a simple shoe that is born to perform and stand out.

The mesh upper, being one of the main changes done to this model, provides a breathable look and feel. Despite shying away from its skateboarding roots, the Supra Hammer Run deems to perform for various sports and on the streets.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Supra sneaker
A popular pick
It has never been more popular than this May

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Much like the previous Hammer model, the Supra Hammer Run comes in a low-top silhouette allowing maximum freedom on the ankles. It is combined with traditional lacing system to keep the feet in place for a safe ride on skate and the streets.

These sneakers are available in men’s sizes ranging from 4-14. Based on the general feedback of those who purchased, it runs a tad small. Ordering a half or a size up than the usual is recommended to get that ideal fit. Women wishing to avail these sneakers may go 1.5 sizes down their usual as suggested by the brand.

As a reiteration of the Supra Hammer, Jim Greco released a continuing silhouette that steps away from its skateboarding roots. Compared to the suede upper used on the original version, the Supra Hammer Run now comes with maximum breathability and comfort. The suede accents on the back of the heels and the collar creates a subdued contrast which accentuates the simple athletic vibe of the shoe.  Because these sneakers come in 18 whopping colorways, users have a wide variety of choices.

As a professional skater, Jim Greco, upon conceptualizing the Hammer line, well thought of its silhouette with the intention of creating a simple looking shoe but stands out in performance. Intently fusing the benefits of the vulcanized and cup sole, the Hammer Run carries a silhouette of having a tapered front end sole that continues to a slender depth. It gives the advantage of having maximum board feel provided by the vulcanized sole. Since it is paired with geometrically-shaped pods on the outsole, it becomes the perfect pair to use for maximum grip on the ground.

Founded by Angel Cabada in 2006, Supra is an American shoe brand which aims to create a sneaker classic that is superior in detail and quality. The brand partnered with professional skateboarders Tom Penny, Jim Greco, Dennis Martin, Erik Ellington, and Chad Muska in building the legendary brand. Because of the people behind the brand, Supra became strongly linked to skateboarding. However, because of its sleek design, distinctive materials, and quality craftsmanship, the brand transcended on different realms, fusing art, music, skateboarding, and street style.

  • A padded tongue and collar is incorporated into the shoe for top-notch comfort
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