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7 reasons to buy

  • The Steve Madden Memory, according to a lot of users, is an incredibly adorable and trendy sneaker.
  • A couple of buyers mentioned that it is a good value for money.
  • The low top sneaker is super comfortable as testified by several commenters to which a wearer even insisted that it feels like walking on clouds.
  • It goes well with a multitude of clothing options as declared by many reviewers.
  • Less than a handful of customers received lots of compliments while wearing them.
  • A user loved that it gives a bit of height to her stance.
  • One delighted buyer praised the buttery leather interior which keeps the feet inside the sneaker and prevents it from slipping off while walking.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Almost a quarter of the reviewers noticed that the sneaker runs really small.
  • One very unsatisfied purchaser disliked the sneaker’s bulky shape.
  • A wearer was displeased with the inclination of the sneaker’s heel which tends to make her lean forward.

Bottom line

Keeping up with the uptown trend of womanized dad shoes, the Steve Madden Memory instills a budget-friendly vibe into their female customers’ options. Aside from being hip and adorable, the low top sneaker also packs a pleasurable ride with its supremely comfortable structure. Styling is not a problem with these sneakers as they are assembled to coincide with most wardrobe combinations that a woman would ever think of. Just take note of the sizing as it is known to run small for those with a fuller set of peds.

User reviews:

Good to know

Laces are the primary form of an enclosure of this low top sneaker. They are specifically designed for women in sizes ranging from 5 to 11 all in medium width.

The sneaker is available in a myriad of colorways for women to choose from. These versions include the Iridescent, White Multi, Multi, Pink Multi, Grey Multi, Metallic Multi, Black/White, Blush Leather, Blue Multi, Beige Multi, White Leather, and of course, the Leopard Multi.

Aside from its vast variety of color options, the low top wedge sneaker can also be partnered with numerous clothing options like jeans, joggers, leggings, and even dresses. Women are free to dress up or go casual with the almost platform-looking shoe. Athletic clothes are also not a stranger to the Steve Madden Memory.

Each specific colorway of the sneaker dictates the kind of materials to be used on its upper. The Iridescent version features metallic leather components as opposed to the Multi ones which showcase a combination of textile, leather and suede elements.

Despite his controversy in the crack of the millennium, Steve Madden strived to rise back from the ashes of his defeat and flourish as any other footwear giant would have always become. His company, formally called Steve Madden Ltd., has been a prominent apparel producer since the early nineties and had picked momentum either in a good way or bad. The challenges that had undergone the footwear producer’s success mirror that saying from that 2013 Leo de Caprio film stating: “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

But before dwelling on the brand’s mumbo-jumbo of a phenomenon amidst 1999, one must understand where the shoemaker picked up the pace of being a billion-dollar enterprise. It all started in 1974 where Steve Madden was a youngster, quite a naughty one perhaps, began working retail in a shoe store in Long Island, New York.

He was a struggling college student and involved himself frequently in girls and drugs which resorted to his father kicking him out of the University of Miami after only two years. He returned to his home in Long Island in 1978 to apply for a shoe salesman pitch which in turn cultivated his fascination for footwear. He began creating his shoe designs in 1980 while working under the roof of L. J. Simone Footwear. His first iterations revolved around fringe cleats and penny loafers.

Madden became more and more involved in the female fashion world and by 1988 he was earning 10% of the profits from his own shoes which was sold by the retailer M. C. M. Footwear. It was also the first instance where the monicker “Steve Madden” was displayed on Souliers. Knowing that there was still full potential on his work, Madden launched his own line of designs by 1990 with roughly $1000 in his pockets and a boat-load of shoes in the car trunk.

The trendy Manhattan stores were his target market during the first years of his stand-alone project which fortunately attracted high-end individuals such as Jill Stuart and Betsey Johnson using Madden’s designs to their fashion shows. By 1993, Madden had thirteen employees and was producing different footwear styles including cleats, clogs, and sandals for women.

The company went public in 1993 via a brokerage house named Stratton Oakmont Inc. which turns out to be fraudulent. The same year also witnessed Steve Madden Inc.’s expansion with manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Brazil, and New York City. Stratton Oakmont Inc. aided in the financial aspect of Madden’s company which boosted its net proceeds to $5.6 million in 1993.

Steve Madden Ltd. continued to find new ways to improve their catalog evident with Steve going incognito and asking his own customers for their design preferences. By 1999, the company began distributing Jordache footwear to teens aged 10 to 16. Before the break of the millennium, Steve Madden Ltd. had provided customers with an expansive line of footwear including cleats, evening shoes, casual and tailored shoes, slippers, and sandals. These shoe iterations catered women from ages 16 to 25.

Fast-forward to 2018, Steve Madden Ltd. Established 120 stores across the U.S.A. while managing to expand to 250 overseas. Surely the women-focused brand in the 90’s had come a long way from introducing its first successful Mary Lou to joining in the sneaker craze. Recent Steve Madden casual models still take a nod to the wedge-infused iterations from the Steve Madden archives which were perfectly showcased by the Steve Madden Memory sneaker. The platform-ish low top lifts the user’s height by a few inches with color-popping accents completing the look.

  • The lining and the sole of the sneaker are both made of man-made materials.
  • The heel has a 2-inch height with a half inch platform sole.
  • The insoles are removable.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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