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Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Sperry Seaside
Price: $75
Colorways: Black
Small True to size Large
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The slip-on feature of the Sperry Seaside Woven offers the wearer the easiness of putting on and taking off the sneaker. The low-top profile of the shoe provides freedom for ankle movement. This women’s sneaker is available in medium width and offered in sizes 5US to 12 US, including half sizes.

Simple yet stylish, the Sperry Seaside Woven displays a minimal design that delivers versatility. The fashion-forward appeal that this women’s exclusive low-top sneaker offers allows it to blend in with the street-style category naturally. The Sperry Seaside Woven exerts the ability to match up with a variety of outfit options and keeps the wearer on trend.

The woven upper structure of “high-quality embossed suede” material of the low-top Sperry Seaside Woven delivers a luxurious appeal for the sneaker. The simple design of the shoe is finished off with a vulcanized construction that is firmly bound to the upper.

Paul Sperry, a devoted sailor with a heart set for adventure and discovery, was the founder of Sperry. The shoe company was established in the year 1935 with Sperry’s aim to create a shoe that gives off proper grip on the slippery boat deck.

It was said that the reason behind the creation of the said shoe was that Paul Sperry slipped and fell overboard while sailing on the Long Island waters. During that time, no such shoe that has a good grip on slippery surfaces existed.

Paul experimented with different rubber combinations and spent many nights trying to make the right design for the shoe he aimed to create. Paul and his Cocker Spaniel named Prince went out on a freezing day to take a break from his work. They both went for a walk in the snow to clear his head. Prince ran around the frozen ground with ease which then led Paul to ponder on how his dog managed not to slip on the ice. At first, he thought it was because of the dog’s claws but then soon figured out that it was not the case. He made a further careful inspection of the dog’s paws, and it was then he noticed something that will be the thing that will bring him his success.

Rushing back to his workroom, Paul immediately got back to work. He experimented on a rubber chunk which is a quarter of an inch in thickness. He began making parallel cuts on the rubber with the use of a sharp razor blade. He did a few experimentations and observed that when the rubber was pressed in the opposite direction of the cuts, an increase of traction is produced. But when the rubber was pushed along with the direction of the cuts, it became slippery. An idea then came into Paul’s mind, and he made a “zig-zag herringbone pattern” on the rubber. Thus, the birth of the Sperry Top-Sider.

Success then came to Sperry with his shoe design which then gave the brand its reputation. As time went on, the brand continues to produce high-performance shoes and soon then jumped aboard the lifestyle category of sneakers. Different product collections were introduced.

Among the brand’s women’s collection was the Sperry Seaside Woven in which the low-top silhouette displays a simple design of woven luxurious suede upper construction that sits atop a vulcanized sole. The sneaker offers a flexible style that delivers an on-trend appeal.

  • The Sperry Seaside Woven is built with the patented Razor-Cut Wave-Spring in which provides good footing while preventing scruffs on floors.
  • The memory foam insole of the sneaker gives off excellent arch support and comfort.
  • The moisture-wicking Dri-Lex feature of the low-top shoe offers breathability for the foot.