We spent 8 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

8 reasons to buy

  • Majority of reviewers appreciated the slip-on design of the Sperry Seaside Perforated because it provided them with so much ease to wear making them as their on-the-go shoes.
  • Some travelers considered buying these shoes as they are perfect for walking during hot summer days by the beach and a cool sneaker to wear while exploring tropical countries.
  • Numerous users say these women’s slip-on is fabulous footwear for activities that involve a lot of walking like running errands or outdoor activities like strolling by the beach or window shopping.
  • Several women find these low-top shoes trendy and fashionable that they go well with a lot of casual clothing during the spring and summer months.
  • A large number of women preferred buying these shoes because it provided them with a massive selection of colorways to choose to suit their mood, fashion taste, and wardrobe preference.
  • As it comes with perforations, some wearers considered buying them because of their breathability.
  • The low-top perforated sneakers have a very soft and cushioning memory foam footbed, some wearers disclosed.
  • While some say it has a snug fit, many wearers say it feels comfortable and molds to the feet after a few days of break-in because it stretches a bit to conform to the shape of the feet.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several complaints were focused on how narrow the shoes are that some people with wide feet had to upsize by half up to full
  • Some users complained of getting blisters as the interior, and stiff material near the collar rubs through their ankles at first use because of the snug fitting.
  • The narrow opening posed as a problem to some users that while they liked the slip-on design, they would have appreciated a broader collar for an easier entry.

Bottom line

Bring the low-top Sperry Seaside Perforated to your next spring and summer destination. The ultra-lightweight sneakers with breathable perforated details are meant for walking. While the snug fitting seems to be an essential component for the slip-on design, the leather material could be uncomfortable and cause rubbing at the back heel. To remedy this, wearers may opt to wear no-show socks at break-in or choose a size higher to get that comfortable walking experience from this budget-friendly summer kick.


A snug low-top slip-on, the Sperry Seaside Perforated run true to size. They come in medium, small, and full-width options in women’s sizing only. The Memory Foam insole has moderate arch support to last all day. The low-top sneaker comes in a laceless slip-on design with elastic gussets aim for a quick on and off. Size options that are available for this women’s sneaker range from US size 4 to 13.   

Wearing comfortable and stylish footwear for the spring and summer season will never be a problem with the Sperry Seaside Perforated. The sneaker which comes in neutral and metallic tones like black, grey, platinum, rose, navy, and ivory for that excellent match to any outfit. As a casual summer sneaker, the breathable slip-on is excellently matched with light colored walking shorts or skinny pants. Match them with shades similar to the colorway for monochromatic color treatment. It can also go well with shirts and tanks for the top and skirts, shorts, and pants at the bottom in solid colors for that sharp and crisp look that are proven to catch compliments.

Pair them with white shorts or skinny khakis for a look that could easily transition from strolling in the beach, lounging at a nearby café, and taking a few strides at a nearby mall for some shopping time. These lightweight sneakers with a well-cushioned foam footbed are also easily stashed in a weekender bag for a quick beach getaway or some countryside drive. They are also fantastic footwear to pack for those trips where a lot of walking is involved mainly in holidays in tropical countries where a pair of breathable slip-on like the Sperry Seaside Perforated could come in handy.  

The Sperry Seaside Perforated features Wave-Siping technology on the no-slip outsole for that reliable grip, durability, and stability that made the brand a favorite among casual sneaker lovers in the past few decades. A unique feature of the design also includes a Memory foam footbed with arch support and a breathable moisture-wicking Dri-Lex lining that assures a cool and dry wearing experience all day and through the night.

The Sperry brand was founded by American inventor and sailor Paul Sperry in 1935. He invented no-slip soles that became an inspiration for the now famous boat shoes or better known as top-siders. The idea of using non-slip rubber outsoles arrived by accident when Sperry noticed that grooves on the foot of his dog’s paws prevent them from slipping.

Sperry used this as an idea for high grip soles after almost slipping off the deck of his boat. Knowing the perils of sailors moving in ship’s slippery floors, he came up with non-slip rubber outsoles observing that his dog rarely slips on the deck even if the ship decks are wet.

He came up with several designs for added traction using Wave-Siping technology or the process of splitting the sole invented and patented by John Sipe in the 1920s. The result was the Captain’s Circular Vamp Oxford sneakers which became a hit among the sailing community. Soon after that, the Wave-Siping technology was used in most shoes released by the Sperry brand.

The Sperry Seaside Perforated, which uses the Wave-Siping in its outsoles was first released in 2015 and continues to be a favorite design for many women. The Sperry Seaside Perforated is aimed for use during the spring and summer seasons where breathable and cool sneakers are a must-have to combat the hot days and sometimes unbearable humidity.

  • Wave-Siping technology on the non-slip rubber outsole.
  • Durable sneaker construction involves bonding of the perforated leather upper with the non-marking rubber outsole.
  • The laceless slip-on design has elastic gussets for easy on and off.
  • The high-quality leather material in the upper with perforated details makes the shoe breathable and adequately
  • Soft footbed with arch support promises all-day comfort.
  • Sperry rubber branding detail is placed on the back heel.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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