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The slip-on construction of the Seaside Breton Stripe allows an immediate answer to the call of the sea or the street. The elastic gussets on both sides further the convenience of wear to a maximum. Offered in women's sizes from 5-12 Medium, users will find it effortless to find the right size that suits their feet.

Drawing inspiration from the brand's nautical heritage, the Sperry Seaside Breton Stripe also gets a French flair as it is clad in a classic dark blue stripe. Despite the use of different hues—navy and white on the upper and red for the lining, these sneakers are still versatile and will pair well with different sorts of outfits.

Coming from a brand that was founded because of a specific technology, users can also be assured that its current models hold the same advancements like the Dri-Lex lining and Wave-Siping. Both of these go hand-in-hand to provide its wearer a smooth and comfortable ride. The Dri-Lex repels moisture to ensure that the insides of the shoe are kept cool and dry. Wave-Siping, on the other hand, are a combination of small and wavy, large and deep grooves. This pattern dispels water while giving excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces.

After a near-death experience from slipping on his boat deck, Paul Sperry decided to go on a journey of inventing a non-slip shoe after realizing that no incident-free footwear is available in the market. After several times of experimentation, Sperry got a spark of inspiration after seeing his cocker spaniel run effortlessly on the sheet of ice.

Using a penknife, he produced cuts on the rubber outsole to mimic the dog's paws, which he eventually patented as the "Razor Siping" sole. This experimentation led to the famous Top-Sider that we know now. The brand eventually branched out to different designs like the Sperry Seaside Breton Stripe, a slip-on shoe designed with a pattern inspired by the French Navy.

  • The Sperry Seaside Breton Stripe has a memory foam outsole which provides arch support for more comfort.
  • These sneakers are offered for $59.95.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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