We spent 9.7 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

12 reasons to buy

  • A great number of reviewers pointed out that these sneakers are well-cushioned which attributes to the level of comfort when wearing.
  • A couple of users remark that these are easy to wash.
  • One pregnant woman, along with many online commenters, appreciates the slip-on design of these.
  • Few commenters find the Sperry Seacoast Canvas reasonably priced.
  • According to one purchaser, the leather laces make them look dressier than the usual canvas shoes.
  • A significant amount of wearers find that the style of these goes well with a wide range of clothing.
  • One can never go wrong with a pair of Sperry's, said a shopper.
  • The design of these suits a broad age range.
  • A satisfied customer said that it almost never happens that one finds all the specific parameters one set is present on one shoe.
  • One particularly likes the black colorway as it is subtle and not stark black.
  • A high number of purchasers note that they have received compliments from wearing these.
  • More than its comfort, commenters commend the materials used and the quality of craftsmanship of these.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Many felt disappointed that the elastic band on the top feels a bit tighter which can be quite painful.
  • Those with wide feet find the silhouette of these sneakers a bit narrow.
  • One complained that the laces of the shoe unraveled, which does not make sense given that it does not serve its purpose.

Bottom line

The Sperry Seacoast Canvas may look like an ordinary canvas sneaker, but with closer inspection, it shows that it is meant to stand out. The low-top build and canvas upper make it an easy to style pair and goes effortlessly with different outfits and suits different age ranges.

More than the brand which has built a legacy, it proves with its durability, comfort, and style that it can live up to what its users expect it to be. With these qualities at $59.95, the Seacoast Canvas is well-worth the purchase.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Sperry sneaker
It has never been more popular than this May

Don't be fooled by the laces and the metal eyelets. These sneakers permit its users to respond to the call of the sea in an instant. The elastic band on the tongue provides an easy on and off slip.

The Sperry Seacoast Canvas is a women's sneaker that is available in sizes ranging from 5-12. Much like other Sperry sneakers, these are also offered in medium and wide. Despite the wide width options, some users still feel that these fit a bit narrow. With that, it is recommended to go .5 sizes up.

Since its mention in the Official Preppy Handbook, Sperry has maintained its classic and timeless designs. The Seacoast Canvas is a minimal and simple sneaker that exudes a casual and preppy vibe. Its low-top silhouette makes it a versatile pair to wear on different occasions. Dressing it up or down is as easy as 1-2-3. Pairing it with dresses, shorts, and skirts can easily attain that summer vibe, but pairing it with jeans and joggers will make it transition into spring.

If there is something consistent about Sperry's, it is that it aims to merge functionality and fashion. The Sperry Seacoast Canvas is no exception to this. These sneakers sport tiny and wavy slits on the rubber outsole called the Wave-Siping. It ensures that there is traction for wet and dry surfaces. The vulcanized construction makes it a durable pair as it guarantees a secure bond between the outsole and the upper.

Looking at the history of the brand, it seems that Sperry was destined to be in the footwear industry. Raised on a family that shared the love for the sea, Paul Sperry grew up inheriting this interest. While navigating coast to coast, Paul found himself on a near-death experience from slipping. Realizing that the shoe was the cause of his fall, he started another journey of inventing a shoe that would simply ensure his safety while on the boat.

In 1935, while on a trip on snowy Connecticut, Sperry noticed his dog run effortlessly across the icy surface. Despite a series of trials on different rubbers, the paws of his dog sparked inspiration in adopting a zigzag herringbone pattern engraved on the shoe, which he then called "siping." It revealed the first Top-Sider, the first boat shoe of this kind.

Since then, the brand became renowned for the technologies used on its shoe. More than its performance, it became a style-favorite among the preppy community. 

  • Even though it has an elastic band on the top, it sports decorative laces that are made of rawhide, a strong material to ensure that it will last.
  • The Sperry Seacoast Canvas weighs 12 oz.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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