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The Sperry Rey is a sneaker that is constructed for the women's feet and is available in sizes ranging from 4-13 Medium. The lace-less feature comes as an advantage as it trades it off with convenience, allowing the user to seal her outfit in a snap. A pull tab and side elastics provide an easy on and off wear.

A type of low-top slip-on sneaker, though it shows a few twists from the usual sneakers, is still a must-have on any women's wardrobe. The classic silhouette doesn't equate to boring as it has a metallic sheen that provides a subtle sheen to an outfit. Its durability pairs well with the versatility and timelessness of its design. Users can exhaust the Sperry Rey up to its last as it effortlessly matches any casual outfit.

At first glance, the Sperry Rey portrays simplicity, but looking at the details of the shoe proves that it also has features to cleat. Durability and comfort, on top of its sartorial elegance, are these sneakers' characteristics. These are achieved through the use of premium materials and construction which works hand-in-hand. The traditional welt construction along with the use of premium materials is a reliable combination for a classic.

Paul Sperry, the founder of Sperry, was born from a family who shares their passion with the sea. In 1935, while on a nautical quest, Sperry caught himself on a near-death accident when he slipped on the deck of his boat. This incident made Sperry evaluate the shoes he was wearing and those offered in the market. Realizing that non-slip shoes are unavailable, Sperry decided to go on a journey of inventing a shoe that would keep him safe on the boat.

While going through a series of experimentation, Sperry got a spark of inspiration upon seeing his dog move effortlessly on a slippery sheet of ice. This made him examine the pattern of the dog’s paws, which he later on adapted on the outsoles of the shoe. From this invention, Sperry reached success and has produced many iconic silhouettes like the Top-Sider and CVO. A more modern release is the Sperry Rey which is a slip-on sneaker which sports the Razor-Cut Wave-Siping, an advancement that is attributed to the brand.

  • Users can avail of the Sperry Rey for $130.
  • These low-top sneakers' outsole has a non-marking Wave-Siping outsole which delivers maximum traction without the aggressive lugs.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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