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9 reasons to buy

  • Some of the wearers highly enjoy that the Sperry Gold Cup Sport Casual Sneaker can be dressed up or down.
  • A significant amount of users said that these are comfortable.
  • As it is part of the Gold Cup series of Sperry, expect that these shoes will display excellent craftsmanship and are composed of premium materials.
  • One purchaser claimed that these are still in excellent condition despite long-term wear.
  • A reviewer who owns several pairs from the Gold Cup collection says that these are a favorite because it provides excellent arch support.
  • A high percentage of users are hooked and extremely satisfied with these.
  • According to an online commenter, he likes to reach for this pair when he knows that he would do a great deal of walking.
  • One affirms that his knees, feet, and ankles did not experience pain when wearing these.
  • According to a shopper, his loyalty will now be on the Gold Cup collection because he was impressed with these.

1 reasons not to buy

  • According to a wearer, the shoe is a tad narrow.

Bottom line

Experience what the Gold feels like with the low-top Sperry Gold Cup Sport Casual Sneakers. Composed of rich and premium materials, these sneakers do nothing but pamper the feet. Because of this sneakers' versatility and since it can be dressed up or down, many find these a great go-to pair for every day. Its $115 price tag is a small price to pay given its durability and comfort.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Sperry Gold Cup
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Rubber Sole, EVA
Price: $115
Colorways: Blue, Brown
Small True to size Large
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Because of its rich heritage in boat shoes, Sperry infuses its sneakers with technologies that give ease to its users not only in comfort, stability, and support, but also on the kind of fit. Equipped with a lace-to-toe feature, wearers of the Gold Cup Sport Casual Sneaker delivers a better fit compared to traditional lacing system. The laces are also composed of strong rawhide leather which ensures durability. These sneakers are available in men's sizes.

Despite being made to be a casual sport sneaker gets an elevated styling as it is included on the Gold Cup line. The premium nubuck upper with lambskin lining not only provides a sleek and timeless style but is also more durable compared to other materials like canvas. The cup-shaped rubber outsole creates a more casual contrast to the more formal leather look. Because of this, these sneakers can be styled casually or be taken on more formal occasions. Ultimately, these match well with trousers or jeans to ensure that whether you are preppy or not, your style will be top-notch. 

Since the launch of the brand, Sperry has built its legacy with a reputation that its footwear is not just for looks. The Gold Cup Sport Casual Sneaker is no exception to this, being outfitted with an Anti-Shock and Vibration (ASV) Technologies.  This advancement addresses most of the boaters' complaints regarding injury, fatigue and back and neck pain because of the continuous stress caused by engine vibration and wave poundings. The advancement reduces vibration and shock for up to 30%.

Unlike most footwear brands, the inception of Sperry spurted as a solution to a problem. Growing up in a family with a sea-faring background, Paul Sperry shared this passion and found himself slipping and falling on a slippery deck which almost cost him his life. In 1935, Paul saw the solution after observing his dog walking on snow casually. Patterning the grooves of the outsole after the paws of his dog, Sperry produced a breakthrough shoe called the Top-Sider.

Because of the greatness of the shoe, the US Navy specifically requested to generate footwear specifically for them. Over the years, boat shoes became not only limited to boats. The seemingly exclusive preppy trend included Sperry as a staple in one's wardrobe. Over the years, the brand evolved but kept its heritage of producing quality footwear that performs.

  • The Sperry Gold Cup Sport Casual Sneaker sports a lightweight EVA foam midsole and footbed which conforms to the feet and provides comfort and cushion.
  • The outsole is injected with a Molded Wave-Siping technology which produces grip on wet and dry surfaces.