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The Sperry Gold Cup Haven comes in a broad range of men's sizes measuring from 7-16 Medium. With a name that matches the feeling that it exudes, these sneakers, indeed, is a haven for comfort. More than the premium materials used, it also takes pride in the support it delivers. Equipped with a full-length EVA foam footbed and midsole, these conform to the feet for all-day cushioning, shock absorption, and comfort.

If there is one thing that is consistent with the style of Sperry, it always gives the thrill to escape and go on adventures. The Sperry Gold Cup Haven is no exception to this. A part of the Gold Cup collection, a term synonymous with Gold Standard, which features the brand's commitment to innovation and legacy to craftsmanship.

These come in a low-top sneaker form, only with the superior feel and style from the luxury suede upper and lambskin linings. To show off the sleekness of these, it is best to pair them with cuffed jeans. Coming in three colorways—navy, tan, and gray, these sneakers can seamlessly go with any outfit imaginable.

Growing up with a family that shares a background for thrill-seeking adventures, Paul Sperry found his strong interest in sailing the deep seas like his great-grandfather. In 1935, still carrying a passion for the waters, Sperry found him in a near-death experience when he slipped on the deck of his boat and fell. If there is a revelation from this incident, it is that there are no decent shoes in the market that can provide grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

As an inventor, he went on a quest for formulating a sneaker that can help its wearers endure the demands of the sea and land. After many attempts, Paul uncovered the secret through observing his dog walk casually on snow. Looking at the paws, he noticed patterns which he later adapted on the outsoles of the shoe and now called the Wave-Siping. Since then, the brand has cultivated and built its reputation in producing high-quality Sperry footwear, despite expanding its style offerings.

  • Users can avail of the Sperry Gold Cup Haven for $139.95.
  • The laces are composed of genuine rawhide laces, a stronger material compared to textile.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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