We spent 7.3 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

8 reasons to buy

  • The Sperry Crest Mule's phenomenal comfort has earned many glowing praises from its wearers.
  • More than a handful of buyers consider the budget-friendly mule sneaker as a highly recommended purchase.
  • An overwhelming majority of ladies love the Sperry Crest Mule’s cute yet classic styling.
  • Some shoppers have grown so fond of the classic-looking colorways that they felt ordered extra pairs.
  • The Sperry Crest Mule sneakers are of high quality, per a good number of reviews.
  • Plenty of users are delighted with the mule sneaker’s on-and-off ease, which made it their go-to pair for everyday use.
  • Several users say that the mule sneaker is perfect for long walks and sightseeings.
  • One fashion-conscious user has remarked that the finished rawhide laces gave the mule sneaker an elegant, classy style, which allowed her to dress the pair with almost anything casual.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A Sperry fanatic, who owned many of the brand’s white shoes, got disappointed with the Crest Mule’s “white” color, which to her looked more of cream instead of actual white.
  • One tester has noted that the Sperry Crest Mule felt a little stiff throughout the first week of wearing it.
  • The mule sneaker does not have much arch support, one user has pointed out.

Bottom line

Sperry comes back with a long-awaited mule version, the Crest Mule, which has now gathered heaps of praises for its timeless style and consistent level of quality and comfort. Most of those who grabbed a pair were so satisfied with their purchase that they expressed wanting to buy more.

The Sperry Crest Mule is an excellent showcase from a widely respected classic brand, with all its impressive features coming at a budget-friendly price.


The Sperry Women’s Crest Mule sneakers are available in women’s sizes. Having no constraints around the heel area, these mule sneakers can be easily slid on and off one’s feet. For a secure fitting, the Sperry Crest Mule uses a  genuine rawhide lace with a barrel-tied finish, which runs through the rust-proof eyelets.

The Sperry Crest Mule is an ideal go-to shoe with which to travel on a warm summer adventure or to run a daytime errand. It’s easy to put on and off the feet, and not to mention, much easier to style as well.

For that laidback, casual look, pair these Sperry mules with shorts, pencil and A-line skirts, Capri and harem pants. Finish the look off with a sleeveless or a crop top under a washed cardigan.

The Sperry Crest Mule is available in the classic core colorways such as Gray, Navy, and White.

The Sperry Crest Mule’s open-heel construction shows off a cushioned footbed, which looks inviting to the foot. The premium canvas upper is lightweight and breathable. Lastly, its rubber outsole is applied with the brand’s patented razor-cut Wave-Siping tech, which provides excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces.

In 1935, Paul Sperry, a true-blooded adventurer and seafarer, fell into the cold night waters of Long Island. He had slipped off the wet deck of the Sirocco while all other passengers were asleep. But with his bad luck saving him from worse luck, Sperry managed to pull himself back to safety. The incident grasped him with an idea for a non-slip footwear, which bore fruit during the winter of that year.

The Canvas Circular Vamp Oxford (CVO), the world’s first boat shoe, appeared in 1935. A product of simplicity and utility, this boat shoe boasts of a grand innovation. Its non-marking rubber outsole mimicked the grooves of a dog’s paw, providing excellent traction even on wet surfaces. The design, which the men of the sea loved, became Sperry’s long-enduring trademark.

The decades rolled along, with Sperry churning out many different silhouettes, and eventually ventured into lifestyle, casual wear. Among the brand’s recent lifestyle silhouettes is the Sperry Crest Mule, exclusively designed for women, but without losing classic Sperry’s legendary detailing and features.  

  • The Sperry Crest Mule is provided with a Memory Foam insole for an instant step-in comfort that lasts all day.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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