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6 reasons to buy

  • Almost everyone who has purchased the So iLL Street LV climbing shoe adores its amazingly sticky outsole.
  • Looks-wise, this piece of footwear is extraordinary, according to dozens of customers.
  • Many users claim that the Street LV is one of the most comfortable rock climbing shoes out there.
  • Based on about a handful of reports, this So iLL offering has unbelievable lightness.
  • Its edging prowess is one of a kind, say a small number of testers.
  • The shoe heel hooks quite admirably, a couple of wearers claim.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Some So iLL Street LV reviews tell of the shoe’s untidy finish—excess glue can be seen here and there.
  • This rock shoe is a little bit on the expensive side.
  • According to an owner, the Street LV is not that breathable.

Bottom line

Sporting the Street LV translates to ascents where security takes center stage. Indeed, the shoe in question has a level of stickiness underfoot that inspires confidence on the wall or rock. Besides traction, this piece also excels in the comfort, design, and weight categories.

When it comes to craftsmanship, however, the rock shoe could be cleaner. Nevertheless, the So iLL Street LV is a remarkable climbing gear both in utility and style.

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Good to know

-The Street LV is engineered with improved sensitivity to give senders a better feel of the surface. The LV in its name stands for “lower volume,” which provides extra snugness, especially for narrow-footed individuals.

Downturn. The So iLL Street LV comes with an aggressive downturn. Its highly down-cambered toe box helps the foot to secure edges and pockets without requiring too much effort from the climber. As it will drive the forefoot to curl, its level of comfort may only hold up in single-pitch projects.

Applications. Sport, trad, and bouldering are the types of climbs for which the Street LV is made. It can be used on steep terrain and verticals, whether indoors or outdoors. It is primarily an aggressive rock shoe for intermediate climbers.

The Street LV from So iLL is a low-top unisex climbing shoe with a low-volume fit. Men are advised to go up half a size for precision on higher-level ascents. Women, on the other hand, may need to go up a full size from their regular sneaker size to get an accurate fit.

Within its confines, the foot may be forced to bend inward, thanks to the asymmetric last around which the shoe was engineered. The brand claims that it has little in the way of stretch. Its Velcro strapping system gives owners a customized and secure lockdown.

Midsole. Support on tricky footholds comes from the shoe’s tough yet flexible midsole. It has an ultra-thin build, giving wearers underfoot sensitivity and protection at the same time.

Outsole. Dark Matter is the name of the outsole responsible for providing climbers with adequate slip and skid resistance in the Street LV. It is made of military-grade rubber, with an overall thickness of 3.5 millimeters.

The So iLL Street LV comes with a fully synthetic below-the-ankle upper. Fans of the climb can get in and out of it with relative ease using its pair of heel pull loops. Comfort is heightened within its confines thanks to the shoe’s padded tongue and partly cotton, partly canvas liner. Every inch of its base section is sufficiently randed to grant users a combination of traction and abrasion protection in every send attempt. The toe box also comes with a sticky patch for the same purpose.

Two highly adjustable straps make up the Street LV’s closure system. Both of these hook-and-loop straps are set through heavy-duty synthetic buckles.

  • This So iLL offering is fully vegan. The brand claims that no animal substance was used in its production.


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