Who should buy the So iLL Runner

The So iLL Runner is a compelling product, thanks to its attractive design and send-worthy pros. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a climbing shoe that has a slip-lasted construction which results in enhanced sensitivity overall.
  • Prefer a climbing shoe that grants adequate precision on steep terrain. 
  • Prefer a climbing shoe that provides footing security.

So iLL Runner logo

So iLL Runner notable features

  • So iLL Runner is a high-performance rock shoe that pays homage to the running shoes of the yesteryears. It has a slip-lasted construction, which results in enhanced sensitivity overall.
  • So iLL designers gave it medium stiffness that grants senders adequate precision on steep terrain. What provides footing security in this rock shoe, on the other hand, is a brand-exclusive outsole, called Dark Matter.

So iLL Runner deat


Downturn. The Runner is part of So iLL’s lineup of moderately downturned rock climbing shoes. It is ideal for technical multi-pitch ascents. Its middle-of-the-road downward camber allows for a wide breadth of maneuvers and climbing disciplines.

Applications. This moderate So iLL rock shoe suits intermediate and advanced climbers alike. It is intended for sports routes and bouldering, whether indoors or outdoors. Its build quality and set of hard-wearing components make it a competent tool for scaling overhangs.


The So iLL Runner is a low-top unisex climbing shoe. Female senders who take on V5 climbs or higher are advised to go down a full size. On the other hand, men who take on the same climbing grades are advised to order a pair a half size bigger than their street shoe size. The shoe promises minimal stretch with regular use. As it is built around an asymmetric last, its interior is curved inwardly. Users may adjust its fit to their preference by way of the Runner’s Velcro strapping system.

So iLL Runner profile

Excellent heel-hooking grip

So iLL engineers equipped the Runner with the Dark Matter rubber outsole in teal. 3.5 mm is its overall thickness. It covers part of the shoe’s heel which provides additional heel-hooking grip.

So iLL Runner outsole

Excellent underfoot support

The Runner comes with a long-wearing fishhook midsole, which delivers sufficient support underfoot, particularly on edge-type projections. 

So iLL Runner midsole


Its engineers made it extra thin that makes the shoe as lightweight as possible.

So iLL Runner midsole 1

Easy to wear

The So iLL Runner’s low-top upper is made mainly of breathable mesh fabric. It comes with a padded tongue and a pair of synthetic pull loops, which facilitate on and off. 

So iLL Runner loop

Excellent grip on the tricky wall or rock features

Its high-contact areas (also known as the parts around its lower perimeter) are amply randed which makes the shoe as grippy as possible around tricky wall or rock features.

So iLL Runner upper 1

Heavy-duty hook-and-loop fasteners

Three sturdy straps make up the Runner’s closure system. These straps come built with heavy-duty hook-and-loop fasteners, rendering them highly adjustable as a result.

So iLL Runner strap