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6 reasons to buy

  • Tons of healthcare professionals agree that the Skechers Work: Clog SR is comfortable for their 8-12 hour shifts.
  • A lot of owners recommend using this Skechers walking shoe for work because of its non-slip outsole.
  • The leather top is easy to clean, says many people.
  • A good number of wearers have mentioned that their feet don't get hot while wearing this model.
  • A bunch of folks claims that foot pain from plantar fasciitis eases when wearing this footwear.
  • Numerous buyers love that it comes in plain and colorful designs as it brightens up their scrubs.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some reviewers have noted that the Clog SR needs to be broken in because it is a bit stiff.
  • The leather is soft and easily gets scratched, says a few individuals. 

Bottom line

The Skechers Work: Clog SR comes highly recommended by people who work long hours standing or walking. It employs a slip-resistant outsole that prevents slippage on wet or oil-click floors. It is also marked as an Electric Hazard Safe footwear, making it suitable for wear by those in the electric repair field. The leather top is constructed with a slip-on style, so it is easy to put on and remove. This mode is lauded for its style and comfort. 

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Good to know

What is it for? This pair of leather walking shoes is designed for the work environment. It has a rubber outsole that has been tested for electrical hazard safety and slip-resistance. This feature is appealing to those who work shifts in the hospital, food and service industry, and anywhere else that needs grippy work shoes. Its upper material is easy to clean, so wiping off dirt is a breeze.

Who is it for? People who enjoy wearing the Skechers Work: Clog SR include:

  • nurses and other health professionals;
  • ladies who love wearing clogs;
  • and those that need leather work shoes.

Safety at work. The bottom of the Skechers Work: Clog SR is lined with rubber. This compound has been tested and marked as Electrical Hazard (EH) Safe. It is also slip-resistant to water and oil on surfaces. The tread pattern on the outsole amplifies its traction on various surfaces.

Cushioning. A lightweight, yet sturdy foam makes up the midsole of the Skechers Work: Clog SR. It is shaped to make forward movements less stressful on the feet and joints of the lower extremities. The compound also absorbs shock, so walking on hard surfaces won't be a bother.

Comfort. Inside this footwear is a comfort insole. This foam lining provides a soft layer for the foot to rest on. This model is orthotic-friendly, as the insole can be replaced if desired.

The midsole features a 1 2/3-inch heel height. It adds to the stylish flair of the model and also helps relieve pressure under the hindfoot.

Style. The Skechers Work: Clog SR is a clog, but with a full back coverage. It features stitching accents that add to the overall appeal of the shoe. It is available in plain white color and ones with graphic and colorful designs.

Its slip-on silhouette makes for easy on-and-off action, but the foam-lined collar prevents heel lifts while walking. The back panel hides an internal stabilizer that steadies the hindfoot while walking.

Coverage. Soft leather makes up the top of this walking footwear. This material is non-porous, so your feet won't get wet when you encounter accidental spills. It is also easy to clean up.

The interior is covered in soft flannel. This fabric enhances in-shoe comfort and moisture absorption.


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