Who should buy the Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine

The Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine is an update to the Vigor 2.0 line aimed to provide more stability to its wearers. It is a solid choice if:

  • You are after a shoe that provides good quality at an affordable price.
  • Your workout routine involves activities on various types of surfaces.

Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine Logo

Updates to the Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine

  • The previous iteration utilizes a mostly mesh upper, the new model now sports an entirely smooth leather one. This material is designed to afford more support and protection to prevent wobbling. 
  • The front and side panels have been microperforated to allow air to circulate throughout the foot chamber.

Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine Updates

Multisurface outsole traction

A flexible rubber covers the entire bottom of the Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine. This compound is claimed to boost traction on various kinds of surfaces. It is also created to be flexible in order to keep up with dynamic workouts.

Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine Outsole

Generous insole cushioning

The insole of the Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine is topped with the Memory Foam to deliver plush cushioning. It molds to the crevices of the foot for a more personalized sensation.

Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine Insole

Shock-absorbent midsole

The model employs a shock-absorbing midsole to protect the foot against potential stress and injuries caused by heavy impact. It is engineered to act as a stable platform for the midfoot and the heel.

Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine Midsole

Anti-wobble upper

Smooth leather is wrapped around the topmost part of the Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine. This rigid textile aims to support the foot and thwart wobbling. Due to the opaqueness of the material, the sides and the toe box have been microperforated for ventilation.

Textured synthetic overlays are sewn over key areas for protection against rips. It also improves the support of the shoe.

Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine Upper

The Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine's lacing system

It employs a traditional lace-up closure for an adjustable fit. It contributes to the lateral support of the shoe as it creates makeshift sidewalls that steady the foot.

Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine Lacing System

Irritation-free tongue and collar

The padded collar and tongue protect the skin against irritation. They also make the trainer have a more snug fit.

Skechers Vigor 2.0 - Serpentine Collar

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 16oz
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Heel height: Men 32mm
Width: Normal, Wide, X-Wide / Normal
BRAND Brand: Skechers
Colorways: White / Black
SKUs: 512 / BKCC / WNV

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