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If you've never known resplendent comfort before, now is the right time for the Ultra Flex 2.0. Dreamy on feet on day one, this athletic training-inspired kick from Skechers has the power to mesmerize in both style and substance. Indeed, hiding behind its adorable shell is a summer-ready sneaker that pampers and empowers the foot all at the same time.


  • Feels like walking on clouds
  • Not just for flaunting
  • Zero break-in
  • Convenient on and off
  • Cuteness overload
  • Maximum midfoot support
  • Summertime wonder


  • Somewhat restrictive toe box
  • Just-for-show laces

Who should buy the Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0

The Ultra Flex 2.0 blends fitness and fashion in its plush and airy confines. You're part of its main crowd if:

  • You want a sneaker that pairs easily with joggers (for men) and skinnies (for women).
  • Comfy-from-the-off kicks are what you need for your next training session.
  • Your fitness routine includes extended on-feet Yoga poses.
  • Collecting breathable sneakers, particularly those from Skechers, is your thing.

Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 buy

Who should NOT buy it

Look past the Ultra Flex 2.0 if you got extra-bulky toes. In its place, check out a pair from our selection of wide must-haves instead. Also, trade the featured shoe for the Adidas Questar Flow if you need a nimble shoe that comes with a proper lacing system.

Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 no

Updates to the Ultra Flex 2.0

  • This new Skechers version is more training-ready (the first version was more tennis-inspired).
  • The Ultra Flex 2.0 comes with a plush element at the heel for extra rearfoot comfort.
  • Its outsole has been redesigned with a new tread pattern. With it, wearers get more sticking power during pivoting maneuvers.

Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 updat

Extraordinary comfort in every pair

Wearers in droves are quite impressed with the cloud-like comfort of the Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0. This top-level pampering may be attributed to the shoe's plush sole unit.

Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 comf

Personalized fit in an instant

Based on numerous reviews, this kick from Skechers has a loosened-up fit right from the get-go. They enjoyed this shoe straight from the box and didn't experience hotspots or sustained blisters anywhere.

Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 fit

Ultra Flex 2.0: A do-it-all sneaker

This training-inspired sneaker, according to many, is remarkable for various activities. They say it performs convincingly well for running errands, walking the dog, and even short runs.

Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 style

Could-be-roomier forefoot

Quite a number of owners find the shoe's toe box rather tight. 

Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 room

A real Skechers looker

Scores of reviewers find this Skechers offering super cute. They also say that it complements a pair of jeans well.

Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 cute

The Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0's misleading closure

Most 3-over-5 star reviews about this Skechers piece speak of the Ultra Flex 2.0's "fake" laces. Based on these reports, the shoe's laces won't give you the tightness you need around the collar or instep.

Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 closure

Wobbly arches no more

Lots of sneakerheads, including those with plantar fasciitis, are convinced that this shoe delivers incredible midfoot support. Walking for extended periods or standing all day isn't such a chore anymore in this piece.

Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 arch

Buttery access

The Ultra Flex 2.0 is very easy to put on and take off, a considerable number of purchasers say.

Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 access

Prevents sweaty feet

Verified buyers say that the Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 is as breathable as it is comfy.

Skechers Ultra Flex 2.0 breather