Who should buy the Skechers Hillcrest

Skechers Hillcrest is for individuals who:

  • Need trail walking shoes that can also be utilized for other chill activities
  • Want soft-cushioned hiking sneakers that are supportive enough for light hikes
  • Would go for breathable sneakers over heavily-layered ones.

Skechers Hillcrest skechers-hillcrest-heel-sole

Who should not buy it

Skip Skechers Hillcrest if you need a sneaker that provides sufficient arch support while trail walking, like Skechers D’Lux Walker. Another great supportive trail-inspired sneaker is New Balance 801.

Put them on, and that’s it!

Skechers Hillcrest skechers-hillcrest-inner-upper

Skechers Hillcrest is reported to be a ready-to-wear comfort sneaker that does not require a break-in period. One reviewer even mentioned that putting this pair on “feels like heaven.” Another wore these sneakers for the first time while city walking, and her “feet did not hurt at all.”

Memory foam comfort that’ll stick to memory

People especially loved the memory foam insole in this sneaker that they recognized even from other Skechers shoes. These are some people’s thoughts about it:

  • “Like walking on air!”
  • “Love the memory foam. Feels like wearing slippers.”
  • “Loved how squishy they are.”

Skechers Hillcrest skechers-hillcrest-laces-and-tongue

Multiple comments also revealed that Skechers Hillcrest is comfortable even for long hours of wearing and walking on them. 

Skechers Hillcrest: Go-to pair for cushy activities

Advertised as a walking/trail shoe, Skechers Hillcrest is put to the test by many reviewers. They used the sneaker for daily routines like light exercises, walking classes, light hiking, and running errands. After a reviewer walked on these for over 3 miles in multiple sessions, she reported her “feet feel fantastic.” The comment to summarize what they thought was this sneaker didn’t disappoint.

Skechers Hillcrest skechers-hillcrest-toe-cap

Supportive, but some desire more

Skechers Hillcrest successfully met the standards of sneakerheads in terms of foot support for light activities such as trail walking and light hiking. But some people were not thoroughly satisfied. According to one reviewer, this is not as supportive as they wanted for a trail shoe. “This shoe allows [their] ankles to roll on uneven surfaces,” they added. 

Skechers Hillcrest skechers-hillcrest-outer-upper

Fading arch support

Although many liked the memory foam feature of Skechers Hillcrest, some reported that the cushion fell flat quickly, therefore minimizing (or completely stripping) the offered arch support. Here are some comments that back up the claim:

  • “The memory foam breaks down rather quickly, and you are left with a flat footbed.”
  • The sneakers didn't have underfoot support. "They felt more like bedroom slippers.”

Skechers Hillcrest skechers-hillcrest-tip-sole

Solid airflow

As per reviewers' observations, a cool airflow is justified by the breathable mesh surrounding the sneaker. They noted that their feet do not get too hot while trail walking. 

Skechers Hillcrest skechers-hillcrest-outsole-skechers-logo

Little details matter

The little straps over the tongue and the heel tab of the sneaker were appreciated by a fan because they make for easy pulling up and on.

Skechers Hillcrest is up for something casual

This sneaker is also enjoyed and matched with casual fits. Comments showed that the style of the pair could go with not-so-athletic outfits, too.

Skechers Hillcrest skechers-hillcrest-collar

Skechers apologists

Many acquired Skechers Hillcrest as their 3rd, 4th, or more pair from the brand with a reason similar to one sneakerhead: they are seeking that “familiar Skechers quality” they loved.

Facts / Specs

Style: Sporty
Inspired from: Hiking
Closure: Laces
Material: Memory Foam, Leather, Synthetic, Rubber Sole
Features: Breathable / Water resistant
Colorways: Black / Grey / Blue / Green
SKUs: 237 / 464 / BKCC / BKMT / GYPK / HILL / NVTQ / NVY / OLV

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