Who should buy the Skechers Haniger

With cross-training in mind, Skechers conceived the Haniger to provide the athletic community a training companion that offers comfort and sufficient protection to its wearers. When purchasing, the smooth leather upper should be considered as it does not offer any stretch, possibly causing the fit to be too snug. Consumers are advised to try the shoe in person to acquire an agreeable fit. It is a solid choice if:

  • You work out in various environments and would want a shoe that has reliable traction on different surfaces.
  • You have been sustaining some chafings lately and would like to have a pair that prevents such discomfort. 

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Reinforced outsole

The Skechers Haniger uses an exposed midsole for its outsole. Rubber reinforces some parts of the heel and forefoot areas.

Skechers Haniger Outsole1

This compound is durable, flexible and grippy on most surfaces. It extends partially to the front to protect it from impact and abrasion.

Skechers Haniger Outsole2

Maximum underfoot comfort

A Memory Foam insole is placed inside the Skechers Haniger. This material contours to the shape of the person’s underfoot to deliver maximum comfort while also providing relief of pressure.

Skechers Haniger Insole

Impact protection

The full-length midsole used in this model is lightweight, flexible and durable. It reduces the force of impact to prevent pain and injuries in the lower extremities.

Skechers Haniger Midsole1

The Skechers Haniger's upper

The Skechers Haniger utilizes a smooth leather for its upper. It has perforations in the forefoot and side panels to keep the inside of the unit well-ventilated.

Skechers Haniger Upper

Overlays against abrasions

Synthetic overlays on the toe box, eyelets, and the sides protect against abrasion and impact, while also adding structure to the leather material.

Skechers Haniger Overlays

A heel overlay panel secures the pull tab at the back of the shoe. This configuration also serves as an external clip which cups the heel and keeps it stable.

Skechers Haniger Pull Tab

The Skechers Haniger's lacing system

It employs a traditional lacing system with round laces to secure the foot inside the shoe. The top two eyelets have been reinforced with thermoplastic polyurethane to prevent the holes from stretching too much or tearing when tightening the laces. The padded tongue keeps the instep comfortable.

Skechers Haniger Lacing System

Anti-chafing collar

The plush collar keeps the ankle supported and prevents chafing. It serves to keep the back of the foot locked in place while in motion. Lining the inside is a soft fabric. This feature delivers a pleasant in-shoe experience. It also allows the foot to easily and quickly slides in and out of the shoe.

Skechers Haniger Collar

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 16oz
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal, Wide / Normal
BRAND Brand: Skechers
Colorways: Black / White
SKUs: 007 / 102 / 58355WNV

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