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5 reasons to buy

  • A vast majority of owners bought multiple pairs of the Skechers GOwalk Smart because it is very comfortable.
  • The breathable top is much appreciated by almost all of the reviewers.
  • According to many users, this Skechers walking shoe doesn’t quickly get worn down.
  • Numerous people like how light this trainer feels on their foot.
  • Plenty of shoppers love how much attention they get when they wear this model.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A commenter says she folds the heel panel because it rubs her Achilles raw.
  • One person claims that this walking trainer feels fantastic after a short break-in period.

Bottom line

Users of the GOwalk Smart feel elated when they put these on. Not only does it look good, but it is also built to prevent foot pain. It is easy to put on because there are no laces.

The cushioning is effective in keeping the foot comfortable during extended periods of use. It is also durable and grippy, allowing buyers to wear it for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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Good to know

The Skechers GOwalk Smart is a sensible pair of walking shoes. It marries style and comfort with its mesh top that also keeps the foot fresh. It has a responsive cushioning unit that decreases the shock felt with each step. Also, there are discs that at the bottom that amplifies shock-absorption and steadiness when walking on uneven surfaces.

The ULTRA GO cushioning technology makes up the midsole of the GOwalk Smart. This layer features a dual-density characteristic that allows it to be flexible at the forefoot while the heel remains sturdy.

The midsole employs the SMART FLEX DESIGN. This ribbed appearance adds flair to the shoe and it also enhances its flexibility.

Another innovative element found in this trainer is the COMFORT PILLAR TECHNOLOGY. These little buttons are placed under the heel and the forefoot. They amplify shock absorption and adjust to uneven surfaces, ensuring a pleasant walking experience.

The Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat insole is used on this model. This layer prevents foot slippage and has breathability features that keep the foot fresh. It also increases the shock-attenuating property of the midsole.

As the midsole also serves as the outsole, it is made to be durable to endure wear and tear associated with walking on the streets. It uses a whipstitch tread pattern that adds traction to the underside.

The top of the Skechers GOwalk Smart is made using an air knit mesh. This fabric is soft, allowing it to snugly wrap the foot but still allow for movements. The large pores on the material promote breathability, so the foot is kept cool even when traveling for extended periods.

A whipstitch detail can be seen on the lateral and medial sides of the upper. This stylish element appears to connect the upper to the midsole.

The inside is lined with a soft and smooth textile. It prevents chafing, delivering a great in-shoe experience even if you don’t wear any socks.

The GOwalk Smart sports a slip-on construction that makes it easy for owners to wear or take off the shoe. There’s a Quick-Fit Portal at the back that can be used to pull back panel over the heel in a jiffy.

Because there are no laces in this footgear, the cushioned collar snugly hugs the heel. It prevents heel slippage or the shoe from flying off when you’re walking.


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