Who should buy the Skechers GOwalk 5 - Honor

The GOwalk 5-Honor by Skechers is a solid choice if:

  • You are looking for a shoe that provides comfort even when new.
  • You prefer a quick-to-put-on walking shoe to keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle
  • A well-ventilated sneaker to keep your feet fresh and healthy is what you need.
  • You are often too busy to have time to handwash your shoes. 

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Who should not buy the Skechers GOwalk 5 - Honor

The lateral support that the GOwalk 5 - Honor offers might not be enough for people with overpronation. Also, its wideness is also not ideal for narrow-footed wearers looking for a well-fitting walking companion. That said, they might want to have a look at other slip-on walking shoes by Skechers and find the most suitable pair for them. 

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New yet cozy

Based on the general user feedback, the shoe feels comfortable right out of the box.

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More room for the foot

The GOwalk 5-Honor by Skechers offers enough room for wide-footed wearers looking for a well-fitting walking shoe. Owners with duck feet are delighted with the comfort the shoe provides, while flat-footed wearers also love the painless experience it delivers. Furthermore, folks with plantar fasciitis and neuropathy have found the solution to their conditions with this shoe. They love that it doesn't put pressure on their feet that it feels like they are walking on air. 

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Quick on and off

Its slip-on construction has been a delight for many wearers. One owner who suffers from mobility impairment even commended this Skechers' pair because it took her less effort to slide her foot into the shoe. 

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Light and breathable

Many buyers love how light the trainer feels on the foot. A wearer even said that the shoe is as "light as a slipper." Also, the foot remains properly aerated inside the trainer, according to some reviews. 

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The majority of purchasers agree that the shoe makes perfect casual wear for various occasions. Apart from that, several owners utilize the shoe as a companion when they are out walking their dogs. They also use it for traveling, shopping, or even when they are just cleaning the house. 

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Easy upkeep

More than a few people are happy that this model is machine-washable.

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The style of the Skechers GOwalk 5 - Honor

Wearers love the neat and crisp facade of the Skechers Gowalk5 - Honor. The clean-looking style of the shoe could pair well with various outfits like jeans, casual pants, and shorts.

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It attracts repeat customers

Because of the style, versatility, and functionality of the Skechers Gowalk5-Honor, some wearers ordered a second pair, while others are planning to get another one. 

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Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 5.6oz
Arch support: Neutral
Base model: Skechers GOwalk 5
Use: For standing all day, Travel, Europe, City, Disney
Collection: Skechers Gowalk, Skechers Gowalk 5
Closure: Slip-on
Material: Mesh

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