The Skechers Go Run Forza : Tuned for High Performance

82 / 100 by Aravind Memana • Level 3 expert

Asics GT 2000 4 GTX was chosen as my sole running companion after an extensive research and trials of different brands.

Twenty different shoes were reviewed and finally ended up in a shortlist of 5 : The Skechers Go Run Forza, Asics GT 2000-4 lite show, GTX, Puma Ignite 300, Ignite 500, Reebok one guide 3.

Stability shoes from Skechers was something which I couldn't digest. Renowned for their walking shoes, the Forza shed light of the Skechers performance team’s existence.

Stiff competition has forced Skechers to built a R&D division solely for the improvement of performance and developing remarkable shoes posing stiff competition in the market. The Forza is the best example.

The name reminded me of the  Forza motorsports game that had the most powerful cars of the world, competing against each other. Skechers did indeed deliver a stiff competitor for the stability shoes market.

The shoe is graded on 4 parameters: aesthetics, stability, comfort, durability.



The model incorporates a vibrant color scheme of orange, black with silver highlights. The extended tree pattern on the breathable upper sole is also an added advantage.

Black and orange laces with green triangular holders. That's a good combination. This reflective and flashy color combination does indeed help while running but renders it unsuitable for casual wear to office.




The triangular interlaced foam padding is first of its kind in the industry. Though sporting a close similarity to the Reezig series, the shoe offered good arch support for a well built flat footer like me.



The shoe is lighter than the Asics GT 2000 4 GTX by 100gms or so, thereby enhancing the comfort. The interwoven fabric breathable upper body is good, but the other brands are better.

Moreover, Skechers have designed thin walled upper body, which is light on your foot. The thin lace is a good addition. The tongue has a honeycomb mesh structure, that facilitates evaporation of seat.

The patented Resalyte material for the foam layer, is a lightweight material with shock absorbing capabilities. I doubt if the material is made by injection molding.

For the laces, I would still prefer a metallic or separate hook that can ensure them fastened for a longer duration.




Shoe incorporates two different grip patterns: front circular embossed individual grip pads, inspired by track athletes and rear cross pads triangular pads which were stuck to the sole.

The rear pads could have been embossed or incorporated in a better way. The glue used to stick the pads  hasn't undergone proper curing.

The stiff competitors for the shoe, have years of expertise in the domain. Though the thin body is comfortable, it can endure wear and tear in a years time.

Voids could have been incorporated with different gripping patterns, that ensured to maintain connectivity and enhance traction.

Color combination for the grip isn't required, instead focus could have been diverted to improve the traction and durability.




Skechers has recently forayed into performance shoes but has delivered a good pair of stability shoes for the flat footed daily runners. Great pair as a daily beater. Lightweight, and the flat laces is a boon.

Launch the next generation with enhanced durability, thereby helping to capture the market and gain customers loyalty. Price of 8000 INR can be subsided to 6-6500, increasing saleability.

Aravind Memana

Aravind Memana • Level 3 expert

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