Who should buy the Skechers GOrun 7

You will love the Skechers GOrun 7  if:

  • You want a durable, lightweight shoe that provides efficient performance on the road
  • You want a neutral running shoe that encourages natural motion and speedy toe-offs
  • You want a running adventure shoe that can also be used for casual wear

Skechers GOrun 7 gorun

Updates to the Skechers GOrun 7

  • Knitted fabric is used for the upper unit, and it has a more stretchy construction than the one that was on the GOrun 6 model. Furthermore, four strips of cloth serve as the fit adjustors and the eyelets to the lacing system.
  • Skechers made a lighter yet more responsive variant of their in-house cushioning system. Covering the contact points of this foam’s base is a set of rubber pods.

Skechers GOrun 7 full

Experience surface control with the Skechers GOrun 7 outsole

The contact points of the forefoot and heel are covered by rubber pods. These areas are designed to always have an adherence to the ground, whether merely standing or transitioning through the gait cycle. Wear-and-tear is averted because of such a covering.

Skechers GOrun 7 heel out

A pattern that consists of tiny rectangular bumps heighten the traction capacity of the rubber exterior. Runners who value surface control and precise movements over the asphalt are the ones who can find such a detail highly lucrative.

Skechers GOrun 7 bumps

Between the protruding and rubber-sheathed contact points are flex grooves. These trenches are designed to make the cushioning unit as flexible as possible. The bending of the toes as they gear themselves for the toe-off phase can use such a feature to generate more oomph to the performance.

Skechers GOrun 7 forefoot out

Skechers' HYPERBURST technology in the GOrun7 midsole

The HYPER BURST is a midsole technology that runs the entire length of the Skechers GOrun 7. This feature is tasked with providing support against impact shock while also giving energy during the forefoot lift. It has been touted to be lightweight and long-lasting.

Skechers GOrun 7 hype

M-Strike is a term that is used for the midfoot striking zone of this Skechers running shoe. The middle part of the foam midsole has a slightly angled construction to encourage forefoot or midfoot landing. Such a stepping technique is a means of speeding up the performance of the foot while also mitigating any discomfort from the foot-strike.

Skechers GOrun 7 angled

Skechers GOrun 7 mid zoom

An insole is placed right on top of the midsole unit. This add-on offers extra cushioning for the underside of the foot. It can be removed or replaced with the new one if the runner wants to do so.

Skechers GOrun 7 in

Cool and dry rides with the Skechers GOrun 7 upper

The upper unit of the Skechers GOrun 7 uses engineered knit fabric, which is a lightweight and stretchy material that conforms itself to the shape and movement capacity of the foot as it takes each step. It has breathing pores which allow environmental air to enter the interior chamber and maintain a cool and dry ride. 

Skechers GOrun 7 knitted

A seamless construction has been utilized to mimic the feeling of merely wearing a sock. Such a feature aims to prevent hot spots or chafing.

Skechers GOrun 7 side up

This product doesn’t have a tongue unit. Instead, a one-piece opening graces the top of the façade, with a stretchy knit serving as its collar. The elastic nature of this wraparound entryway further solidifies the sock-like construction.

Skechers GOrun 7 collar

Fabric strands jut out from the sides of the silhouette. These filaments connect to the lacing system. When the fit is adjusted, the strands go along with the act. In-shoe wobbling is prevented when these things are doing their job.

Skechers GOrun 7 side

Flat laces loop through the ends of the fabric strips. These thin laces are meant to tighten or loosen the in-shoe coverage. The stealthy ghillie placement and the lack of physical eyelet-reinforcements stave off skin irritation and hot spots.

Skechers GOrun 7 laces

Skechers GOrun 7 laces2

Pull tabs are placed on the front and back of the one-piece collar. These loops are made to widen the stretchy collar even further, thus facilitating the foot inside, or out of, the compartment with ease.

Skechers GOrun 7 pull tab

Skechers GOrun 7 back

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 7.8oz / Women 6.5oz
Drop: 4mm
Arch support: Neutral
Forefoot height: Men 15mm / Women 13mm
Heel height: Men 19mm / Women 17mm
Collection: Skechers Gorun

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